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The Cutest Cars Perfect for the Fashion Girl

They’re super photogenic.
The Cutest Cars Perfect for the Fashion Girl They’re super photogenic.

Not all fashion girls prefer to be chauffeur-driven. Some of us like taking control of the wheel and would much rather have a car of our own than borrow the family SUV. If you're currently on the hunt for the perfect car, remember that much like our clothes, your choice of wheels can also say a lot about you.

If you ask us, it's vital to discuss the specs with the boys (your dad, bro, or beau—whoever is helping you out with all those deets you barely understand), but when it comes to aesthetic, leave that decision to yourself. It will be your everyday buddy, after all, not theirs.  If you’re looking for something cute, IG hearts-worthy, road trip-ready, and spacious enough to fit your moving closet, here are a few of our picks.

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Volkswagen Beetle


Ever since we saw the yellow version of the new generation beetle from the movie Hot Chick, we’ve been in love. After driving it ourselves on a road trip to Tagaytay, we can gladly say our feelings have not changed one bit. Apparently, since its first production in 1938, the bug has sold over 21.5 million units, making the first-generation Beetle the longest-running and most-manufactured car of a single platform ever made. Simply put, we are only a small fraction of the massive fans of this German cutie. With the same smiley spirit the Beetle gives off with every ride, the new gen (that has eight speakers. Yass!) is a safer, more comfortable, easy-to-drive version of the classic bug. Hey, this shade right here is even called denim blue. It can’t get any more fashion girl-appropriate than that. 

Mazda 2

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Mazda Philippines has always been close to the heart of fashion girls. Last year, Mark Bumgarner designed a full collection inspired by their design philosophy, and this year, the Mazda 2 SKYACTIV Kabuki Collection is bringing out the fierce in us. Aside from its chic design that looks great with our red lippie, the rear parking sensors and camera display aid our admittedly inadequate parking skills. At least we admit it.

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Mini Cooper S Convertible


The makers of Mr. Bean’s car know a more than a thing or two about great things that come in small packages. In this tiny, but utterly photogenic, sports car is a powerful engine that can take you from one shopping destination to another in style. Whoever said you can’t drive a convertible in the Philippines is obviously wrong. We mean, just look at this beaut! If you’re looking for a car with good looks and a refined sense of style, this one’s clearly for you.

Now the question is, are you going for German, English, or Japanese? 

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