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These Junk Food Are Not As Sinful As You Think

Cheat your cheat days.
These Junk Food Are Not As Sinful As You Think
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Cheat your cheat days.

Junk food that won’t hurt your lifestyle or trigger any allergies are easy fixes for high stress levels and a busy schedule. So if you’re craving for an indulgent snack right now, here are some “healthy” snacks you can buy basically anywhere and are free of MSG, nuts, and dairy!


Did you know that plain oreos in the Philippines are dairy and egg-free? They aren’t the healthiest food out there, sure, but in moderation, these cookies can be the best cheat meal ever and it doesn’t even matter if you’re only a fan of the cream.

Chicharon ni Mang Juan

Satisfy your chicharon cravings with this porkless Filipino favorite. This snack made of dehydrated green peas is as good as its original, cholesterol-filled form, and you don’t even need to dip these in vinegar because they’re already vinegar-flavored. There is one variant, however, that does contain MSG. So be on the lookout for that!

Nongshim Soon Veggie Noodle Soup

You can never go wrong with instant noodles when hunger suddenly strikes. This convenience store gem is completely plant-based and not that bad for you. It's perfect for a chilly, rainy evening or when you’re working through your lunch hour and just need something decent to eat.

Dried Mangoes/Dried Fruit

We're not famous for our mangoes for nothing. You can find these delicious packs of local pride at any convenience store and have your fruit fix for the day.

Dole Mixed Fruit Cups

Could one ever eat enough fruit? Probably not. You'll see these in the chilled section of corner stores alongside the microwavable meals and probiotic drinks. They're nothing compared to fresh produce, but they're still sweet, affordable, and convenient enough to just carry around and snack on.


Cheating on your cheat day has never been this easy.


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