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Did You Know? Zeinab Harake's Back Tattoo Had a Grammatical Error That She Had to Fix

Did You Know? Zeinab Harake's Back Tattoo Had a Grammatical Error That She Had to Fix
IMAGE Instagram/zeinab_harake
She actually ended up loving the revised version more!

When you're getting a tattoo, the last thing you want is for something to go wrong. We've all seen enough "tattoo fail" memes that fuel that fear—from mistranslated inks like Ariana Grande's, to the people who inked a significant other's name only to break up later.

On the bright side, not all tattoo mishaps end up as a tragedy. There are some people, like YouTuber Zeinab Harake, who were lucky enough to reverse the error.

zeinab harake back tattoo mistake
PHOTO BY Instagram/zeinab_harake

A few years back, Zeinab decided to have the quote "Don't let anyone dim your glow" tattooed on her spine. The session went well, until she and her tattoo artist Geo Fernandez realized the word "to" was inked between the sentence.

According to Zeinab, Geo based the ink on her verbal statement instead of reading the post-it note she brought. It was an honest mistake, and the tattoo artist himself acknowledged his fault online.


"Actually 'di ko naman din siya sinisi, 'di na rin kami nagaway. Ang ginawa nalang namin niretoke nalang namin agad," the vlogger explained in a video. "'Di na ko nagalit, may magagawa pa ba ko e na-tattoo na sa katawan ko 'yon."

To correct the grammatical error, they covered the word with a tattoo of Zeinab's birthstone, the turquiose. She also had flowers placed around the stone. The result was so impressive that the YouTuber ending up loving it more than the original design!

Looking back on the incident, she said, "Napabuti naman kasi nakita niyo 'yung tattoo ko dati sobrang plain lang, ngayon may stone na siya."

zeinab harake back tattoo mistake
Zeinab Harake's back tattoo before and after correction
PHOTO BY Instagram/zeinab_harake

Despite what happened, Zeinab continued to have her tattoos done by Geo, who's one of her close friends. This includes the "Zebbies" inked on her inner arm that is dedicated to her fans!

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zeinab harake back tattoo mistake
Zeinab's back tattoo after the revision
PHOTO BY Instagram/zeinab_harake

If anything were to ever go wrong with our tattoos, we're definitely claiming this energy.

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