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Ylona Garcia’s Morning Skin Care Trick Is Already in Your Fridge

Plus why you need to try it.
Ylona Garcia’s Morning Skin Care Trick Is Already in Your Fridge
Plus why you need to try it.

First of all, who wouldn’t want Ylona Garcia’s fresh, taut, youthful skin? Second, how does one achieve it aside from being, um, youthful? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We asked Ylona’s regular makeup artist Anthea Bueno and she tells us the teen’s morning wake-me-up for her skin is: an ice cube. That’s right, the age-old skin care secret works for the cute morena. Here’s how it works: 


Dramatically improves circulation

You know that look you get when you’ve gone for a brisk walk outside in cold, breezy weather? That’s what we’re aiming for. First thing after you’ve washed your face and had a steamy shower, wrap an ice cube in a soft, clean cloth and slide it over your cheeks. Instant tightness, instant rosiness. 

Wakes up tired eyes

The cold will jolt your skin awake, but add a simple massaging motion and it can decrease puffiness, too. Take the cube in your hands and once it starts to melt, slide it from the inner corner of your undereyes and out. It’s a simple lymphatic drainage trick. 

“Seal in” your skincare 

Ideally, skin products should be layered with some drying time in between—but real talk, whoever has the time for that? Another thing the humble ice cube can do is substantially cool down the skin while it dries so that your skin doesn’t sweat into your layers. Plus, it temporarily “tightens” the skin, which makes for an awesome “natural” primer. 

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