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This Painless Treatment Will Make You Look Younger Instantly

And there's absolutely no downtime!
This Painless Treatment Will Make You Look Younger Instantly
IMAGE Vince Uy
And there's absolutely no downtime!

There's a new age-defying injectable in town, and it smooths out fine lines and wrinkles like nobody's business. Introduced in the Philippines by the Aivee Clinic, Xeomin can do what regular botox can and more.

According to the Aivee Group, this FDA-approved injectable can improve moderate to severe lines including crow's feet and those between the brows and forehead. And since it doesn't have complex proteins, our bodies won't eventually build resistance to it. Hence, maintenance is easy and worry-free!

To see if it lives up to its claims, Preview's Creative Director Vince Uy himself got first dibs on the Xeomin injectable at the Aivee Clinic. Keep reading to know more about his experience.


Hi Vince! What convinced you to try Xeomin?

"When I turned 38, I made a vow to take good care of myself. I pledged to do a lot of lifestyle changes to live a healthier life. I know it’s a bit late, but I also decided to take better care of my skin. Upon doing so, I realized that I wanted to try something to get rid of my fine lines and wrinkles.

"As I always find it hard to maintain a strict skincare routine because of my busy schedule, I [wanted] a quick fix—something very fast, effective, and painless. [After consulting with] Dr. Aivee, she recommended that I try Xeomin."

How did the clinic prepare you for the injections?

"The prep was quite fast, I opted to use Emla (numbing cream) just to ease my mind about the needle injection. However, the clinic claims that because of the minimal pain some patients don’t even require Emla."

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In which areas of the face did you get injected? How did the injections feel?

"I had my crows feet, frown lines, and upper forehead injected. The whole procedure was quick, comfortable, and painless. I would say though that the Emla really helped calm my nerves."



How long did the entire process last?

"With Emla, [I had] to wait around 30 minutes for it to take effect. The actual injections took less than 10 minutes."

How well did Xeomin address your skin concerns? What kind of results did it give you?

"I am very pleased with the results. My crows feet disappeared while the other lines on my face significantly lessened. I also like how natural it looks and feels, because I didn’t feel like something was injected in my face. There was no heavy feeling."


Did you experience any side effects or downtime?

"No [side effects], and there was absolutely no downtime. I literally went home, showered, and went to an event right after I did the procedure."


Overall, what do you think of Xeomin? Do you recommend it?

"I love it and would do it again for maintenance. I have actually recommended it to my friends!"


For more information about Xeomin, visit Aivee Clinic's website or call e-mail

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