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Would You Buy This "Anti-Angry" Face Mist for P1000?

Chill out.
Would You Buy This "Anti-Angry" Face Mist for P1000?
IMAGE Frank Body, Sephora
Chill out.

The concept of a face mist is no rocket science. You spray, and it hydrates, refreshes, and whatever else it says it'll do on the label. It's pretty straightforward, and I usually don't expect more. But after a casual (digital) stroll through Sephora, I came across a product that raised the bar for all the sprays in my collection—Frank Body's Anti-Angry Face Mist.

First of all, I always appreciate a witty product name. It briefly made me wonder if it can actually make me chill out when I'm in a bad mood. And after some quick digging, I found out that it probably can. "Made with rose water and aloe, I cool down angry skin, freshen up foundation and give you a reason to spritz anyone who needs to calm TF down," reads its description on the brand's website. It being written in first person made it just a little more convincing, if you ask me.


PHOTO BY Sephora


FRANK BODY Anti-Angry Face Mist, P930,

Anger dissipation claims aside, this mist also contains caffeine, which can help depuff and tighten skin, alongside camelia leaf extract, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Though it does contain alcohol, it's listed at the tailend of the ingredients list so it's less likely to be drying. 98.9% of its ingredients are naturally-derived, too, and the formulation includes no PEGs, parabens, and phtalates.

Now we don't know about you, but this "Anti-Angry" face mist does seem to be more than just a witty product name. With all those ingredients, I can see my skin listening to the spray when it's told to relax. If you deal with redness, dehydration, irritable people, or if you just love face mist in general, you might want to add this to your stash.

Need more convincing? Watch the video below for all the other perks this mist has:

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