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These Are the Worst Things You Can Do to Oily Skin, According to a Dermatologist

Drop these bad habits ASAP.
These Are the Worst Things You Can Do to Oily Skin, According to a Dermatologist
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Drop these bad habits ASAP.

Needing to blot your T-zone every two hours is not fun. Having oily skin myself, I sympathize on an almost spiritual level. Still, hear me out: Having oily skin isn't that bad. It actually has some great long-term perks, like being better at delaying aging (sorry, dry-skinned friends) and giving us literally thicker skin that can withstand almost anything. So despite the bad rep this skin type gets, we're all better off taking care of it than attempting to reverse it with every mattifying product out there.

But then, old habits die hard. You might still be doing some not-so-good things that are making your shine problems worse without knowing. It's not too late for change though, and ahead, we list down the exact list of oily skin no-no's you should stop ASAP. They're derm-verified, too, so get on it!

Do's and Dont's for Oily Skin

1. Overwashing and overexfoliating.

Too much of anything isn't good for you, even if they're essential steps like cleansing and exfoliating. Washing your face more than twice a day, for example, will strip your skin of the moisture/oil that it actually needs. As a result, your skin could end up producing even more oil to compensate for the amount you're washing off!


So instead of cleansing and exfoliating over and over, board-certified dermatolgist Dr. Gaile Robredo-Vitas recommends cleansing a maximum of twice a day with a gentle cleanser and blotting excess oil with a tissue or oil absorbent sheet throughout the day. Embracing a little bit of shine on your face won't hurt either! After all, oil helps preserve our skin and delays the natural aging process!

2. Going to sleep without removing your makeup.

Speaking of cleansing, taking off every ounce of makeup before bed is a must for oily skin, which is naturally prone to congestion. Because aside from removing the makeup itself, you'll also be removing all the oil and dirt that have accumulated on top of it that could break you out. In case you haven't already, try a double cleansing method to achieve a true clean sweep!

3. Skipping sunscreen or not wearing enough.

We've said this a thousand times, but we'll say it again—wear your sunscreen! UV rays are the root of most skin evils, so protect yourself and wear enough. For oily skin, Dr. Gaile recommends going for matte sunscreen formulas or gel types that absorb quicker. Make sure to apply more than a dot—you need at least two fingers worth of it on your face!

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4. Overwhelming your skin with products.

Overloading your skin with products doesn't only mean having as many as 10 steps in your rotation. In fact, it's totally fine to have a long regimen if it really works for you! The danger lies in switching products in your routine too often—say when you start using a new serum and switch to another one two days later. Products need time to work, and if you change stuff around too fast, it'll be impossible to tell what's actually good for your skin. Test a product for at least two to three weeks before changing to a new one (unless it's causing major irritation, then toss ASAP) and moving on.

That said, if you currently have a long routine and your skin is looking worse for wear, it might be a sign to do a skincare diet. A shorter, simpler set of products is usually better for oily skin, because you don't need that many layers for your skin to look plump and healthy. Just have all the essentials (cop a derm-approved one here), and you're good to go!


5. Touching and picking your skin.

Even if you're a frequent hand-washer, keeping those itchy fingers away from your face is your best bet. Not only will it prevent you from transferring acne-causing bacteria, it'll save any active breakouts from irritation, too. If you're guilty of picking your face, avoid magnifying mirrors that show your every pore. You can also grow out your nails to make scratching and picking more difficult, making you less likely to do it.

6. Not using the right moisturizer for your skin type.

If your current moisturizer feels either too heavy for your skin or not moisturizing enough, that doesn't mean you should skip the step altogether. Instead, look for something that perfectly suits oily skin, like a light, oil-free formula that's non-comedogenic. Layering other hydrating products like essences and toners can work on a particularly hot day, though!

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