Worried About Weakened Hair? This Is Your New Go-To Hair Product StyleBible Preview

Worried About Weakened Hair? This Is Your New Go-To Hair Product

TRESemmé’s Salon Strength features Tresplex Technology which rebuilds and strengthens hair bonds.
Worried About Weakened Hair? This Is Your New Go-To Hair Product

Your hair deserves as much care as any other body part. Sometimes, we tend to overlook hair maintenance. We eventually notice how dull and weak our hair has become, which can lead to damage or hair fall.

This might be due to busy schedules or perhaps, you’re just not using the right products to keep your hair soft and strong. Consider investing in the right hair products to restore your hair to its fullest glory. 

Putting too many styling products and heat styling tools can damage the hair. Content creators and TRESemmé fans Rei Germar, Raiza Contawi, and Ry Velasco are no strangers to the constant toll styling can do on the hair. These influencers hashed out their hair care habits and why they only trust Preview Beauty Bag 2022 winner TRESemmé when it comes to rebuilding the bonds of their hair.

All the ladies agreed that giving hair that extra level of TLC is essential because the hair frames the face even from afar. “It frames your face, it changes your age and the way you look,” Raiza Contawi added.

Ry Velasco shared that sometimes she would opt to do her hair over her makeup because hair takes up space in the face and is easily spotted.

Rei, in particular, emphasized that she gives her hair a break from heat and products, especially after a long shoot. Of course, her hair care routine includes TRESemmé Salon Strength.

This Preview Beauty Bag winner is formulated with Tresplex Hair Strengtheners, which penetrate deep into the hair strands to strengthen and protect the hair from heat and damage, giving you less hair fall and keeping your hair salon strong all day.

For those who style their hair constantly and worry about weakened hair, this NEW TRESemmé product is for you! Get the NEW TRESemmé Salon Strength in all Watsons stores nationwide, online via Shopee, Lazada, or UStore. For more details, follow TRESemmé on Facebook.

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