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Why Zendaya Is Queen of the Internet

Why Zendaya Is Queen of the Internet
She slays us every day.

When Juliana Rancic messed up with her fashion police comment towards Zendaya's dreads, she accidentally helped rebirth a star.

Here are some reasons why we think Zendaya is queen of the internet:

1. She called out a magazine for photoshopping her too much.

It's rare to find a star who will object to having their photos manipulated at shoots, so when Zendaya posted on Instagram that her body on a cover image was extremely photoshopped and even compared the original image side-by-side, we were floored. The magazine immediately took the photo down and apologized.

2. She sports hairstyles we barely see on the red carpet but should.


Blonde mullet? Check. Tootie wig? Double check. Zendaya's red carpet hair always makes all of us a little apologetic for being a little narrow-minded on what hairstyles are event-appropriate, and we think that's a good thing because more people have been rocking their natural hair and more in formal events since, instead of wearing what everyone else does.

3. She posts no makeup selfies after glammed up ones.

Posting a "no makeup" selfie shouldn't really be considered a "bold" move, so we love that she thinks the same way. It's a much deserved break from all the curated posts and the retouched selfie standard. She's literally the real deal even online.

4. Her makeup skills

watch now

Yes, Zendaya does her own makeup. Somebody please crown the girl as the blending queen already.

5. She inspires people.

And we don't mean the generic type of inspiring. She has literally inspired tons of little girls to embrace their natural hair and ignore the toxic standards we're surrounded with today. Take this cutie for example:

Need we say more?

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