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5 Reasons Why You Need Makeup Brushes in Your Life

5 Reasons Why You Need Makeup Brushes in Your Life
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Prepare to be converted.

Whoever said that makeup brushes are only for makeup artists must be a master finger painter. Because even if you're a beginner, you absolutely have use for brushes in your kit. With one stroke, your looks can reach new heights and even you won't believe your eyes.

Now here's why you should pick up a few bristles, according to the pros who use them:

1. Brushes are generally more sanitary.

"Using brushes tends to be hygienic since you can wash them regularly and can disinfect them," says makeup artist Chinky Tanjangco. Sure, you can wash your hands before putting makeup on, but you'll have more control over contamination with brushes. You won't have to worry about wiping product off either!

2. It'll help you achieve a more precise, even application.

Some products just apply better (and faster!) with a brush. Chinky says using one to apply blush makes your flush look more even, so invest in a brush instead of using the wonky ones that come for free in palettes.


For Maybelline Philippines senior makeup artist Chuchie Ledesma, your eyeliner, contour, brow products, and powder need brushes to perform their best. You'll have a way easier time blending, too!

3. Your eye makeup will look so much better.

If you're a beginner, don't expect to create intricate eye looks with your fingers. "Since the eye area is smaller than the rest of the face, you will need smaller tools to deposit the pigment properly. Placement is everything and the right tools can help you achieve the look you want," explains Chinky.

On this, Chuchie definitely agrees. "For detail work such as creating sharp eyeliners and precise brows, it's important that we pick up a brush or two to create the desired effect."

4. You'll have more control over the product.

We won't deny that applying foundation with your fingers can give a seamless finish. However, using a brush will enable you to achieve different effects with the same product.

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According to Chuchie, it's coverage that brushes control best. For example, if you were to use a duo-fiber stippling brush, you'll thin out the foundation and get sheer coverage. Meanwhile, using a flat top kabuki brush will provide more coverage since it stamps the product on the skin rather than rubbing it on.

5. You don't need 100 brushes to have everything you'll need.

If you're not a makeup artist, keeping a minimal number of brushes will do. Here's a checklist from Chinky and Chuchie to help you start your collection!




1. Zoeva 102 Silk Finish, P804,; 2. Marc Jacobs Beauty The Blush Angled Blush Brush No. 10, P2312,; 3. NARS Ita Brush, Rustan's Makati; 4. Zoeva 106 Powder, P804,

1. Foundation brush - Depending on how you want your foundation to look, you need at least one brush to blend it with. Click here to find the one for you!

2. Blush brush - A dense yet still fluffy brush is perfect for blending blush. Angled ones can be used for contouring as well.

3. Contour brush - A precise contour calls for flat brushes that can really chisel out those cheekbones.

4. Powder brush - A light dusting of powder is only possible with a soft, fluffy powder brush. Tap product gently on the skin to set your makeup without ruining your foundation.



IMAGE Sephora, MAC

4. MAC 204 Lash, SM Megamall; 5. Sephora Collection Pro Brush Shader #18, P938,; 6. Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush, P925, Sephora.phZoeva 317 Wing Liner, P436, Sephora.phMAC 316 Lip Brush, Powerplant Mall

5. Eyebrow spoolie - Nothing quite blends out brow pencils, powders, and pomades more than a spoolie. They add texture to your brow hairs, too!

6. Flat shader eye brush - To pack on eyeshadow to your eyelids for full pigment, you absolutely need one of these in your life.

7. Blending brush - Buff out any harsh lines with a soft blending brush and any eye look will look pro-level.

8. Angled brush - If you do your brows with powder or pomade, this is a must! But for eyeliner, you can either go with this for an instant wing or a finer tip if you prefer to do detail work.

9. Lip brush - A lip brush will help you sculpt your lips perfectly, especially if you're working with a dark color. It's handy for scooping up product from an almost-empty tube as well!


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