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Whisper Dares Anne Curtis

Whisper launches a new variant and welcomes Anne Curtis as its new endorser.
Whisper Dares Anne Curtis Whisper launches a new variant and welcomes Anne Curtis as its new endorser.

Actress and TV host, Anne Curtis, takes on Whisper’s challenge as the latest endorser of the brand’s newest variant, Whisper Cottony Clean. In an action-packed launch, Anne gamely answered revealing questions and performed physical challenges in an exciting game of Truth or Dare.

In between her funny anecdotes and witty answers, Anne readily carried out all the dares thrown at her, clad in the prescribed white leggings associated with sanitary pad ads. Between doing the "Whisper" dance, stretching into and maintaining balance in different yoga positions, to playing Twister solo, the actress set out to prove that yes you can do anything when it's that time of the month (though it wasn't actually confirmed if it was her time of the month that day).

Bold, no-frills and simply fun, the multi-talented actress showed the remarkable confidence that the brand hopes to impart to all the ladies who always stress about their monthly visitor. “I’m very active everyday, especially on Showtime where I’m always moving around and dancing. As cliché as it may sound, you just have to choose the right product to use that you feel comfortable in, where you don’t feel bulky and you’re confident knowing that you won’t suffer [from] leaks,” Anne says.

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Off-screen, Anne also enjoys playing badminton and does yoga every chance she gets. “My period doesn’t stop me from doing all the things I want. I can also wear anything, anytime I want. With Whisper, there’s that fresh feeling and I don’t have to worry about stains. I have a happy period!” she shares.

Whisper Cottony Clean has the technology of Circles of Protection, a channel design that helps provide all-side leakage protection to give girls the freedom to move freely. It's soft, cottony materials makes it especially comfortable for the wearer.

Click on the photogallery to sneak a peek at the challenges Anne was dared to do by Whisper Cottony Clean.