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Which Shade Of Red Lipstick Suits You Best?

Yup, it's not all the same.
Which Shade Of Red Lipstick Suits You Best? Yup, it's not all the same.

Imagine this scenario: You’re out shopping with your boyfriend and you realize that your favorite tube of red lipstick is almost empty. You decide to make a quick stop at the nearest MAC store to restock on Ruby Woo. Unfortunately, as soon as you get there, you are told it’s already sold out and the saleslady immediately offers you Russian Red instead. Then, you start to freak out and your guy schools you on being such a spoiled brat. To him, it doesn’t matter if it’s Russian Red or Ruby Woo because it looks completely the same. But that’s where he’s wrong, and this will surely spark a whole new argument. Both are red, alright. But deep inside your heart, you know they’re not the same─not at all.

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Now, that’s a lot of drama over a tube of lipstick. But if you’re a beauty junkie like us, then we’re sure you perfectly understand what we mean. You see, contrary to popular belief (mostly men, of course), not all red lipsticks are the same. You can own 10 different shades inside your makeup kit and nothing will be exactly alike. In fact, there’s even a certain shade to complement each skin tone.

If you have light skin, bright reds like corals bordering on orange will look best on you. Meanwhile, if you have bronzed to medium skin, you might find pink-based hues more appealing. And lastly, if you have dark skin, cool-based red and fig shades will be most flattering. Confusing? Here, check out this infographic below to help you find the shade that suits you best.  


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