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Which Hair Color Should You Wear To Work?

A working girl's 101 on what colors are to dye for (literally). 
Which Hair Color Should You Wear To Work? A working girl's 101 on what colors are to dye for (literally). 

Round-the-clock, 'round-the-world, and 'round the... color wheel? A corporate job by no means signifies your style has to be bound to your desk. Change things up with a new hair hue and instantly add interest to your look as well as your life. Color your hair, color your life, as Watsons would say.

The good news? DIY-ing your hair color changes has never been easier, whatever shade you want to represent you. And lest you be worried with damage, there are just as much DIY ways to keep your hair intact. Use this as a guide to see which products work best with your current job situation.

The Marketer

Equal parts serious and stylish, this brown lets you explore your creativity while looking polished. Syoss Oleo Intense has an Oil-in-Cream formula that intensifies color minus the ammonia and discomfort, plus smoothness for you to take advantage and boost some color into your locks. 

The Lawyer

L’OREAL EXCELLENCE Intense in Lustrous Auburn and Ashy Nude Brown 
For the law profeesional, respect the conservative mores of your industry and play it up with a subtle undertone instead. L’Oreal Excellence gives you deep color, high shine, nourishing formula. Now all you need to do is take your pick between one with a warm scarlet shade or a cool-hued ash brown.


The Publicist

LOLANE Z COLOR MILK in Strawberry Yogurt and Earl Grey Milk Tea
Work behind the scenes but let the limelight shine on you with a color that declares your allegiance to fashion. Go to the extremes with an eye-catching red or a dirty blond. Lolane Z Color Milk has extra-absorbent technology that lets you push your hair with change as often as you please.

The Banker

BIGEN CREAM COLOR  in LT Caramel Brown and Mahogany Copper Brown
Too busy crunching numbers? This makeover is fast as it is easy. Bring out the shine of your colored hair in shades of a muted brown. Bigen Cream Color is a one-push, no-mix dye in a smooth formula for a quick caramel or copper color.


BEAUTYLABO in Honey Blonde
Take advantage of your flexible work setting and let your creativity shine through. Supplement your fashion through honey blonde hair. Beautylabo has a coconut and almond oil infusion that lasts, this blonde shade is fast and fun, especially because it’s easily hand-applied. 

On the Daily

Don’t let your new dye job go to waste without the proper after-color care. Choose among the range of shampoos and conditioners that nourish your hair to keep it shiny and vibrant.

MOIST DIANE Moist & Repair Shampoo and Treatment
Boosted with the rare Baobab oil, it repairs dry and damaged hair when applied to roots. Wash-and-wear and walk out the door, sans conditioning—but save your weekends for damage control!

PROGANIX Anti-Fade Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum
Don’t fear washing out your dye—this one prevents oxidation. When you’re out in the field all day—whether for work or play—you’ve got to keep your tresses shielded. It’s like sunblock…but for your hair!

DOVE  Daily Hair Vitamin
Strengthen your hair against damage for the times you may be stressed, but need to be well-tressed!

PANTENE Color & Perm Three Minute Miracle Conditioner 
Bedhead when you walk into the shower, blowdried look when you walk out. Make your hair look like it’s as ready as you are. 


On the Weekend

Take your weekends as a chance to not only get away from work but more importantly to make time to pamper yourself. Your little R&R session is never complete without your home hair spa routine.

SCHWARZKOPF Extra Care Hair Repair Ultimate Oil Elixir
What good is a glamorous dye job if your hair’s texture is almost like straw? Bring it back to life and reset your former glory with this Schwarzkopf hair mask. 

Got a color you want to try out? Head on over to Watsons and pick out a shade that’ll fit your line of work. Don’t forget the upkeep!


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