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What to Buy from Shu Uemura Before It's Too Late

Makeup artists react to the news, and weigh in on their favorites.
What to Buy from Shu Uemura Before It's Too Late
Makeup artists react to the news, and weigh in on their favorites.

It's official—all Shu Uemura counters and boutiques in the Philippines will be gone by April. And as expected, the news brought sadness to many who adore Shu's products, including makeup artists who began their careers with the brand.

Xeng Zulueta, chief makeup artist to Shu Uemura until 2008, went through a rollercoaster of emotions. "Not counting my professional makeup kit, most of my skincare and makeup HGs (holy grail) are Shu Uemura," shares Xeng.

John Pagaduan, a Shu makeup artist for 12 years, also had mixed feelings about the announcement. "I was sad and a bit disappointed because it [Shu Uemura] is something we cultivated with love," he tells Preview. "Shu Uemura is a mixture of tradition, art and science combined that you can never see in other make up brands."

Jigs Mayuga had an interesting reaction on Facebook as well. The celebrity makeup artist shared that he manned Shu counters back in 2005, and in the post, he attributed a chunk of his career achievements to his experience working with the brand.

Needless to say, no one is happy. But as devastating this news might be for our eyebrows and cleansing routines, we still have time to stock up on our favorites! And to help you make the most out of Shu's last months in the country, here's a makeup artist-approved shopping guide to the brand's best products:


IMAGE Shu Uemura

Cleansing Oil, P1300-P4600

Shu Uemura's undeniable rockstar product. They're the "alpha and the omega of all cleansing oils," as Xeng Zulueta calls them.

IMAGE Shu Uemura

Tsuya UV Under Base Youthful Radiance Mousse, P2250; Tsuya Skin Youthful Radiance Generator, P3250

Unique anti-aging skin care born of the Japanese's love for glowing, youthful skin.

IMAGE Shu Uemura

S Curler, P1000; Eyelash curler, P1400

Asian eyelashes are guaranteed to look more lifted with these tools. The mini S curler in particular is a revolutionary product that allows you to curl the outer corners of the lashes, for a subtle cat-eye effect.



Hard Formula, P1500

Many swear by this eyebrow pencil because it ensures perfect brows that are never overdrawn. The unique dagger shape allows you to draw thicker and more precise lines for fuller-looking brows.

IMAGE Shu Uemura

Pressed eyeshadow mono, P1450

Did you know that Karl Lagerfeld colors his drawings with Shu eyeshadows? Well, he does. With their unbelievable pigmentation and lasting power, it's no wonder that these are also makeup artist staples. 

Head to your nearest Shu counter ASAP for some beauty retail therapy!