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What's New At Tokyo Posh

It's more than just hair extensions!
What's New At Tokyo Posh It's more than just hair extensions!

Tokyo Posh Extensions is known for their high quality hair extensions. They recently relaunched their Power Plant store and turned it into a an ultimate hair haven. It's only been a year since Tokyo Posh opened but their success is quite impressive. Girls who can't commit to changing their current hairstyle have found the answer to their hair woes.

Aside from their usual sythentic hair extensions, Tokyo Posh now carries stick-on human hair ombre extensions (available in blonde, blue, pink, and cappuccino shades). Stick-on hair extensions are safer on the scalp and hair than hair weaves. The difference between the two types is that the latter is to be sewn on your knotted real hair; you could actually feel a tiny bump on your locks as you stroke it because of the method of attachment. Imagine the damage that it could cause your strands. Your scalp can get stretched and stressed out. Stick-ons are taped onto your hair and will last two to three months.


They also have turned their boutique into a styling bar. They now offer blowouts and hair treatments. "Since we already offer human hair extensions, we believe that we should teach our customers the proper way of taking care of their hair," shares owner Denise Aquino.

We got to try L'Oreal Mythic Oil Treatment while we had our blonde stick-on extensions on and we loved how it made our locks super shiny and behaved. And the blonde streaks? They remained in place!

From Instagram account @iranopuenteAn Instagram shot of my blonde streaks after the L'Oreal Mythic Oil  treatment.

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