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What's In A Beauty Product?

A new iPhone app tells you exactly what you want in there and what you don’t.
What's In A Beauty Product? A new iPhone app tells you exactly what you want in there and what you don’t.

Let’s be honest, the primary reason we buy beauty products is for the problems they claim to cure rather than based on any actual information we know ourselves about which ingredients work to remedy specific problems. With the labels on some of our favorite shampoos and creams full of barely recognizable words like triethanolamine, dimethicone or cocamidopropyl, we often turn a blind eye to scanning such lists to avoid any confusion. But with more and more studies coming out about how even the most unlikely of everyday containing trace amounts of ingredients linked to such diseases as cancer, its time for all of us to start paying closer attention to what we put on our bodies.

But since we’re not expecting you to memorize an entire scientific dictionary, skin care brand Human Nature has come up with a pocket-friendly tool to bring around with you next time you go beauty shopping. One of the first of its kind, the brand developed a free iPhone application called Read the Label which is stocked with 26,000 different ingredient names, each with a separate page of information letting you know whether the product is safe, or is of little, moderate or high risk. The app also links you to Environmental Working Group’s website which gives details the composition of the ingredient more comprehensively.


And because going green has its perks, the people who refer the application to the most people have the chance to win a slew of prizes which include a trip for two to El Nido and an eat-all-you-can organic buffet for you and 100 of your green loving buddies.

To find out more information, visit Read the Label is available for download on the iPhone, iPad, iTouch and android phones.

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