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What Is a Jade Roller and What Does It Really Do for Your Skin?

Because skin care is spiritual and mystical.
What Is a Jade Roller and What Does It Really Do for Your Skin?
Because skin care is spiritual and mystical.

It’s no secret that the ancient Chinese harnessed the powers of jade to remove negative energy and to realign the chi (aside from being cute jewelry to wear), but recently, we’ve been discovering that a lot of women’s skin care secret lies in this pretty green gemstone. People have long had an interest in the power that gems and crystals hold, so when we heard that it has skin care benefits, we’re sold.

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1. Instant Cooling

A major pet peeve of mine while doing my skin care routine is that my hands tend to get really warm (because, well, I’m a living being). This is especially annoying in the daytime, when I try to keep my face as cool and as preserved as possible before I step out into Manila's humidity. So just this feature of the jade roller is a huge benefit for me. FYI, jade keeps cool even in hot storage. But shelve it in your fridge (in a ziplock, for hygienic purposes) so when you use it, it’s extra cold.

2. De-Puffing

Imagine a facial massage, but without a stranger’s warm hands touching your face, and without the leftover oil from the rest of your body, and at the same time soothing and cooling—that’s what a jade rolling feels like. You’re not even supposed to apply plenty of pressure, because the rolling and the cooling effect does the lymphatic drainage work for you.

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3. Circulation Booster

Like any massage, rolling encourages blood circulation to the surface where it's stimulated. Aside from canceling out your bloatiness, it gives you a fresh, natural flush! The experts also call this a fresh flow of Chi, so that your skin is a bit more energized and less sallow, too.


4. Anti-Aging

Now, I know, this is a bit dubious because surely a stone doesn’t have age rewind powers, right? Wrong! Did you know that puffiness (caused by water retention, diet, lifestyle) leads to darkness and wrinkles, too? All that on-and-off bloating and rubbing your eyes when you sleep late, they lead to wrinkles. Now since jade rolling addresses puffiness and lets you avoid tugging at your skin when you apply skin care, it helps prevent all these aging symptoms or at least let them happen gracefully.


BONUS: How to use a jade roller?

It’s recommended to be used in an “up-and-out” motion starting from your neck to your chin, middle of chin to under the ear, under the cheekbones to ear, and so on and so forth. You’re supposed to just roll it thrice over your skin with a gentle pressure at every section and only in one direction. As you might have guessed, this is basically a massage, which we can all agree gives good benefits. It clears fluids from your face, so that extra cocktail you ordered last night? Can’t even tell. 

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