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What Is a Face Roller and Can It Really Make You Look Younger?

Read this before you decide to add this trendy tool to your beauty routine.
What Is a Face Roller and Can It Really Make You Look Younger?
Read this before you decide to add this trendy tool to your beauty routine.

What is it? Do they really work? Should I get one? These are probably some of the random thoughts you get whenever you see face rollers during one of your casual Instagram scrolls. 

The beauty claim: Face rollers—whether made of jade crystals or not—bank on the promise that they can stimulate your lymphatic system, boost circulation, and even reduce puffiness. Some even claim that dark circles, wrinkles, and sagging can be addressed when you make face rolling a regular part of your beauty routine. 


Other face rollers, like the Nurse Jamie Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller, are a little more general with the benefits they claim. This Hollywood-approved favorite—which boasts of fans like Khloe Kardashian, Jessica Alba, and even Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness—say that the hexagon-shaped wand’s rhythmic rolling action copies the techniques used in Nurse Jamie’s signature facials to help improve your skintone and give you a glow. But if you check out this before-and-after photo on their IG account, they seem to promise lifting and tightening effects, too!

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Still on the fence about whether you can trust the beauty benefits you can get from face rolling? We asked Dr. Erika Mica Milla-Velasco, an associate physician of the Belo Medical Group, to weigh in. 

The Expert Opinion: You can use it to promote good circulation.

Although there are many different types of face rollers, they generally have the same purpose. When you use upward motions and strokes, “it can promote good circulation on your skin,” says Dr. Erika. “And when you have good circulation, it can lead to glowing skin.” 

The Expert Opinion: Focus on the right points to score more skin benefits.

Speaking of good circulation, one way you improve this is by having better lymphatic drainage around your face. “There are facial acupressure points that you can focus on. These are the points where [acupuncturists] usually put the needles for face rejuvenation,” explains Dr. Erika. So when you’re using a facial roller and you stimulate the correct points, the doctor adds that this can help “improve skintone, prevent sagging skin, and you can get healthy, beautiful, and glowing skin.”


Wondering where the facial acupressure points are exactly? “These are on the center of the brows, temples area, the middle of the chin area, around an inch under the eyes and the corner of the eyes, the lateral tip and arch of the brows, and the apples of the cheeks,” she says.

The Expert Opinion: Facial rollers can help you absorb your creams better.

“Yes, it’s possible that it can help improve the absorption of your moisturizers,” says Dr. Erika. Not only that, but it can also help your creams spread more evenly on your skin, too.

The Expert Opinion: Sorry, but the contouring effects you get probably won’t last.

“The upward strokes can help lifting and contouring, but face rolling can only give temporary results because you’re just doing it from the outside of your skin,” says Dr. Erika. If your goal is to score a slimmer, more contoured-looking face, then using radio-frequency (RF) treatments might be a better option. “When it comes to RF machines, a top-of-the-line pick like Exilis might be more ideal if you want to contour your face,” she explains. “It’s what the Kardashians use and it’s very popular because the tightening effect you get is also very intense.”


The Expert Opinion: Take the necessary precautions to avoid damaging your skin.

When it comes to external manipulation of the skin, “always make sure that your tools are clean or you might get breakouts,” warns Dr. Erika. She also suggests that you use a light touch whenever you face roll and avoid rubbing the skin too much to prevent irritation and skin darkening. “You also have to be careful and make sure that the tool is smooth, so that you don’t end up scratching your skin,” she adds.

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