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This Beauty Product Is Both French and Korean

It’s the best east and west fusion yet!
This Beauty Product Is Both French and Korean
IMAGE Soko Glam
It’s the best east and west fusion yet!

We believe that having a flawless complexion starts with a great skin care routine that no amount or layers of foundation and concealer can replace. Inspired by poreless and spotless skin, we look up to the Koreans to achieve the same unblemished complexion. We can’t tell you how much we’re obsessed with K-beauty–the contents of their makeup arsenal, their multi-step skin care regimen, and all of their beauty secrets.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, there is the much envied French appeal. From Bridgette Bardot to Anna Karina, there’s something about their blasé attitude that matches their nonchalant but elegant approach to beauty. Perhaps, in the Western world, they are Korea’s counterpart in believing that skin care is makeup.

And with all things considered, don’t you ever wonder what would happen if they both came up with a hybrid product to solve all your skin care woes?

You can thank Katalin Berenyi and Hojung Lee for the genius line of Erborian products. Erborian, which translates to “Herbs of the Orient,” fuses Korean and French technologies and uses traditional herbs like ginseng and bamboo extract to produce the holy grail of skin care products. They are also formulated with French fragrances from Grasse, France.

Erborian boasts of the Perfect Morning BB Mask, concocted with matcha or finely milled green tea, that is then transformed into the most gentle but effective exfoliating mask. The brand is also known for its Solid Cleansing Oil that not only smells luxurious but also efficiently removes all traces of makeup while keeping your skin hydrated and supple.

But perhaps, the most intriguing product that they have is the BB Cream. It not only promises a baby skin finish; it's also easy to blend and is guaranteed to make you look younger with the help of ginseng and wild yam-infused cream.


Sounds promising, don’t you think?


Main images and photos from @erborian on Instagram and Soko Glam.