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We Went Makeup Shopping With the Blogger Jowas

Find out who got the better beauty haul!
We Went Makeup Shopping With the Blogger Jowas

Meet Miggy Cruz and Joni Koro, two of the six men behind the IG-famous account @bloggerjowas. Since it’s almost Christmas, we brought them to a M.A.C store to buy makeup for their girlfriends, top fashion bloggers Laureen Uy and Camille Co. The catch: They have to finish their shopping in five minutes, with blogger bestie Nicole Andersson judging their haul.

Two clueless boyfriends. Five minutes. Endless shelves of makeup. What could possibly go wrong? Watch the video below to see how they fared:

Here’s what your own boyfriend can learn from the blogger jowas’ makeup shopping spree:

Know what your girlfriend likes.
Major plus points to Joni for knowing that Camille uses M.A.C’s Shy Girl lipstick! That’s a surefire sign he’s a keeper.

It’s all about quality, not quantity.
Miggy got a lot of products for Laureen despite knowing that she usually goes out with minimal makeup. While his intentions were noble (“para lang may options, girl!”), Joni still won because the products he chose fit his girlfriend’s personality to a T.

Lipstick never fails.
“A good red lipstick can get you a long way,” Miggy said. “Technically, if I just got that, I would’ve won.” Don’t have your perfect red yet? M.A.C’s Ruby Woo is a classic shade that suits any skin tone.

Eye makeup is always a crowd pleaser.
Foundation and blush are a bit tricky to give as gifts, but a versatile eyeshadow palette will always be appreciated. And if all else fails, take it from Joni and Miggy: “kilay is life!”

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