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We Tried These Diet Delivery Services For A Week

So you can pick what YOU like!
We Tried These Diet Delivery Services For A Week So you can pick what YOU like!


Editor: Patricia Dayacap, Associate Fashion and Beauty Editor 
Diet Delivery Service: Diet Buddy PH | 0916-527-0314 
Price per week: P1,700
Type: Low calorie
Calories per day: 1,200

How was your experience? I appreciated how convenient it was. Diet Buddy would deliver the food every morning to the office, so that by the time I got to work, all my meals for the day would already be there. It was definitely less of a hassle than preparing my baon and thinking of what I’d be eating throughout the week—a plus when you have a busy day and can’t be bothered. Breakfast and lunch were always pretty filling (with carbs!), which really helped because I can’t afford to have low energy and I really need brain power, given the kind of work I do. Dinner portions were definitely smaller than what I’m used to, and it was a change to have to eat less after a tiring day in the office. I skipped going to the gym the whole week I was on the diet plan, because I was afraid to pass out from the little amount of energy my dinner would give me.

Who would you recommend this service to? I’d recommend this to anyone trying out a diet delivery service for the first time. If you don’t want anything too hardcore that will leave you hangry and low on energy, Diet Buddy’s meals will ease you into eating less. You still get your ulam and your carbs—and we all know how Pinoys love their meat and rice—so this definitely satisfies that need.


Favorite meal: My favorite was the Kani Ciabatta Melt I had for breakfast at the beginning of the week. It was super filling and didn’t seem like diet food at all! 

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