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We've Finally Discovered Rachel Peters' Makeup Secrets

As revealed by her makeup artist, Mark Qua.
We've Finally Discovered Rachel Peters' Makeup Secrets
As revealed by her makeup artist, Mark Qua.

In case you didn't know, all pageant candidates are on their own when it comes to doing their hair and makeup, so our 2017 Miss Universe bet, Rachel Peters, needed to learn how to glam herself up before flying to Las Vegas, USA for the competition. And after seeing her recent pics, we're seriously impressed with her newly acquired skills.


We asked Rachel who gave her beauty lessons, and she revealed that celebrity makeup artist Jelly Eugenio and Mark Kingson Qua taught her makeup techniques. Jelly's clients include Nadine LustreSarah Lahbati, and Andrea Brilliantes. Meanwhile, Mark is responsible for the glowing faces of Sue RamirezElisse JosonBela Padilla, and Anne Curtis.

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"The thing with Jelly is that he’s all about the eyes. He knows my face down to a T because he’s the person I’ve been working with for the longest. The thing that I love about Jelly’s makeup is that the skin [looks] really light, but he does the eyes so well. My eyes are quite narrow, and he can really achieve a fitting, sort of look for my eyes. I’m still trying to perfect [the technique] myself, and he does it quite fast. With [Mark] Qua, he’s good with the natural, no-makeup makeup look—really soft and feminine," Rachel explained.


To help us score more beauty tips on how to look like a beauty queen, Mark gave us the lowdown on Rachel's makeup secrets below:

Can you tell us Rachel's secret to making her foundation last? 

"Skin preparation is as important as foundation application. Foundation adheres better if the skin is well prepared. Therefore, clean, well-moisturized skin sealed with a good foundation primer is key.


"The most important technique is letting your foundation sit (five to seven minutes) before setting it with powder. This will help your foundation look seamless and well-blended.

"For foundation, I recommend Laura Mercier’s Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Foundation. This gives the most matte, skin-like finish, yet never flat or dull."


Rachel's eyes look amazing onstage! What eye makeup tricks did you teach her?

"Use a pony tail brush for easy eyeshadow application. Remember to use gentle hands [because] it is easier to add color than to lessen the intensity. For natural fuller-looking lashes, it is best to tightline prior to false lashes application. Once falsies are in place, [blend them with] your lashes with an eyelash curler and mascara.

"I trust Laura Mercier’s Longwear Eye Pencil in Noir. This liner has never failed me before—no smudging, no bleeding, [it's] long-wearing, and it gives the best color [payoff]!"


How do you make sure that the colors of the eye makeup, blush, and lippie will work well together? Any suggested color combinations?

"Try to find shades that belong to the same color family or undertone."

Which among these tips do you find most helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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