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9 Easy Ways to Style Short Hair

Shorter hair doesn’t mean harder to style!
9 Easy Ways to Style Short Hair
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Shorter hair doesn’t mean harder to style!

Short hair, yes, you care. A lot of girls are scared of taking the plunge and finally getting a short haircut because it'll be harder to style, but the truth is far from what you think. While closely-cropped locks don't usually make for an easier maintenance, you still do have a lot to play around with. Ahead, we list nine ways to easily style short hair for different occasions—directions and photo pegs, included. Keep scrolling to take your pick!

1. Headband

Okay, easy choice. For the fashion-forward set, slipping on a headband is a cute way to accessorize your outfit, too. We love a thick band that's set towards the crown with some volume in the back of the hair, or a jeweled piece for a fun addition to any formal ensemble.


2. Braided bang

Even with a short ‘do, sometimes second-day hair is inevitable. Whether you don’t have time to wash and dry it, or it just looks better with some dry shampoo, the second-day texture is actually great for styling. If you have a pixie cut with a long fringe in the front, this is for you! Part it deep at the side if you can, and start your plait there. If you know how to French braid, even better! Once you’ve finished your braid, secure it with a clear elastic (the more discreet, the better, as this style goes across your face), and add a pin if needed.

3. Slicked back

Speaking of second day hair, the sleek, combed back look is actually the perfect style for the day before you wash your hair. Your hair already has some product in it, which helps in keeping frizz down, so all you have to do is make sure the ends are all aligned (some ironing may be needed), then mist a good measure of hairspray and run your fingers through your hair to distribute it evenly. This makes sure your hair has a hold to it even underneath the slick top layer. Then comb it back whether parted or not, then spray another good misting of hairspray. Clean, shiny, sleek, and chic. 

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4. Faux low pony

This one’s for the girls with a lob—sometimes you can’t really tie your hair up in a ponytail without having the ends at your nape stick out. The cheat for this hairstyle is to tie your hair’s upper and lower sections into ponytails that are separate but as close as possible to one another. First, separate the top and bottom sections of your hair. Make sure your bottom section can be tied so that no ends come out of the ponytail, but tie it loosely first. Then, comb and secure the top ponytail as low and close as possible to the bottom ponytail. Tie with an elastic. Lastly, take the low ponytail out of the tie, and gather it together with the upper section and secure together with a thicker hair tie. Voila! No hair sticking out here, plus, it won’t deform your hair so much when you remove the ties.



5. Double top knot

For those with a close-cropped ‘do, it’s hard to find different styles you can play around with. That said, you can take a tip from Miley Cyrus and try out her favorite style from when she rocked a blonde pixie. Use a texturizer for the longest locks on the top of your head, and part down the middle. Take as thick a section as you can and twist into a small bun and secure with elastics and maybe a cute hairclip. Do the same with the other side and you’ve got yourself a look! 


6. Twisted half up

Girls rocking a bob or a lob, this one’s for you! A quick and easy way to polish up your half-up ‘do is to literally twist it up. Part your hair down the middle neatly and run some braid paste or dry shampoo through both sides of the front section. Take around an inch thick of front section of one side, and twist as close as possible to the root. Keep twisting till you get to the end, then temporarily secure with a clip. Do the same to the other side, remove the clip from the first side, and tie both ends in the center back area of your head with an elastic. Comb down any baby hair in front with a hairspray-loaded spoolie. 

7. Sleek and chic

An iteration of the slick back is a sleek ponytail. Instead of straightening the ends, however, you can just part it deeply to one side, distribute a holding product evenly across strands, and comb it into a tight ponytail low at the base of your neck. Spritz with a generous amount of hairspray for the hold and shine minus the goopiness of a gel.



8. Beach babe waves

Textured waves are almost always flattering on anybody whether you have a bob or a lob. Start with a middle part. Using a curling iron with a circumference of one inch and above, take a one inch-wide section in between the tongs, and hold for a couple seconds a couple inches away from the scalp. Then, when you’ve sort of “pre-heated” the hair, start curling the section away from the face. Leave half an inch of the ends uncurled for a more blunt and textured look. Repeat for the entire head, and then the most important part: shake out the curls you’ve created into waves by lightly running your fingers through it in a wiggling motion. 


9. Hair clip

If you’re not into headbands and you still want an accessory to work hard for your #OOTD, then ride on the clip trend train. A giant pearl-embellished clip goes awesome with summer looks, for example, and a tortoise shell-printed one adds a retro vibe to any outfit. What we love about the trend is it serves form and function as it also keeps the hair neatly away from the face without the help of products, if you prefer to go without any. 


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