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4 Easy Ways to Style Wispy Bangs

Watch and learn!
4 Easy Ways to Style Wispy Bangs
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Watch and learn!

There's a certain vibe of easy nonchalance when one dons wispy bangs. The feathery fringe is a universally flattering cut that works on just about anyone, regardless of your face shape because you can customize it to your hair texture, thickness, and even curliness. So whether you're taking hair inspo from the chic French gals or aiming to achieve the cutesy Japanese- and Korean-style wispy bangs, here are super easy ways to maintain, cut, and style them on your own. Scroll down and see how!

1. Using a flat iron

Use a hair straightener and put it in a medium heat (we don't want it to fry your hair, right?). Start at the topmost part of your fringe and run the iron in a slightly curved motion until you reach the end. Remember to be gentle in pulling down the wand. Also keep in mind that you're not curling it; you're just creating a soft curve to keep the fringe from poking your eyes and looking too flat.


2. Using rollers

You can also use a velcro hair roller to achieve wispy bangs. Gather the center part of your fringe and roll it onto the beauty tool. Use a hair dryer on cool setting to set the curls then leave it on for a while. When you're all done with your makeup, remove the roller to release the curls. Put a bit of wax (or styling gel if you want a wet look) onto your fingertips and run them through your curled fringe to style and keep them in place.

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3. Using a curling barrel

If you're after some tight curly bangs, you can also use your hair curler. Carefully select portions of your fringe to curl. After a few seconds, release it and use your fingers to hold the shape as it cools. Repeat as desired. Don't forget to spritz on some hair spray after.

4. Heatless

If you're on the go and have no time for rollers or heat styling tools, you can style your wispy bangs with an eyelash curler, too! Don't believe us? Take a look at this tutorial below.

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