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9 Different Ways to Style a Messy Lob

Shoulder-length waves for days!
9 Different Ways to Style a Messy Lob
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Shoulder-length waves for days!

A lob (or a long bob) will always find its tribe of certified fashion girls. Firstly, this haircut is incredibly versatile: its shoulder length allows you to change up your hairstyle in a variety of ways. But busy girls can do a quick wash-and-go when they don’t have the time to style it without the risk of those awkward fly-aways. Secondly, it’s also universally flattering that it will suit practically any face shape. Finally, it has an effortlessly chic and elegant look to it even when left alone!

While a lob is how you would expect your hair to naturally look like after growing out a bob, it’s also the perfect go-to cut for girls still deciding between radical hairstyles, or even when you want to freshen up your long tresses. Naturally, this easy and low-maintenance 'do has been spotted on several celebrities, who has some ideas you might want to try in case you feel like switching things up. We rounded up the different ways to style a messy lob. Take notes! 

1. Switch your hair part.

It might seem like a no-brainer, but switching your hair part to the other side is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your usual lob! If your hair parts on one side of your head, simply flip your hair over to the other side to feel like you just got a brand new 'do. It also makes your hair look even fuller in volume for that messy-hair-don’t-care look.


2. Style with beachy waves.

A lob hairstyle really shines with messy beachy waves that are laid-back yet deliberate. Take notes from Kyline Alcantara, who nails the signature messy lob with styled tresses. Get your sea salt spray and curling iron ready! For a more romantic look, curl each section until you reach the ends.

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3. Create a textured and edgy look.

Meanwhile, for an edgier take on the messy, tousled look, copy Chie Filomeno’s look here and focus on adding volume at the back portion of your head by using texturizing products on your roots such as sea salt spray or dry shampoo. To mimic this undone look, use a curling iron or flat iron to create the waves, but leave out the ends. Style with some wax or pomade for a piece-y look with some grit.


4. Tuck your hair behind the ear on one side.

Sometimes, all it takes is an easy and simple trick to wear your hair. For days you’re feeling sweet, romantic, or even low-key, simply tuck your hair behind the ear on one side! This move frames your face and can even create a slimming effect, perfect for round faces! Case in point, Coleen Garcia’s cute-as-a-button look with her fresh lob!


5. For lazy days, wear a bucket hat.

Hats may be associated with bad hair days, but with the right piece, they can be perfect for accessorizing too! Take notes from Maxene Magalona, who finishes her adorable outfits with the cutest collection of bucket hats. It's also a great excuse to match outfits with the SO, like how she does with Rob Mananquil.


6. Tie your hair in a loose half-up, half-down ponytail.

Here’s another sweet and feminine look to try with your lob: take sections of your hair on each side and tie them back in a loose half-up, half-down ponytail for a carefree look. It’s a hairstyle that looks great on Kryz Uy, who also lets her curtain bangs gently slope on each side. Pair with maxi skirts, peasant tops or smock dresses to turn up the charm!


7. Put it up in a half-bun.

At this point, the lob is still too short to tie everything up into a bun, so settle for a half-bun that looks just as cute. For a neat yet low-maintenance style, follow Sue Ramirez’s lead who secured the upper portion of her hair into a bun, keeping her face free of any tendrils. Accessorize with oversized hoop earrings to balance the understated hairstyle!


8. Pile on the accessories.

Sometimes, it’s not how you style your hair but what you pair with it. Follow Camille Co’s style cues, who piled on the accessories to add bold accents to her entire look, such as this statement headband from Bondi Studios and dangling earrings. It’s a chic way to dress up your everyday lob!


9. Book an appointment for balayage tresses.

Here’s another way to liven up your lob: add some balayage highlights in your hair. Balayage highlights add depth and dimension to your hairstyle, and will still look good even if you’ve grown your hair out a couple of inches. We especially love how it looks on Julie Anne San Jose. So chic!


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