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5 Ways to Maintain a Gorgeous Balayage

This low-maintenance trend still needs some tending to.
5 Ways to Maintain a Gorgeous Balayage
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If you’ve ever gotten your hair colored, you’ve probably heard the word “balayage.” Balayage (“to sweep” or “to highlight” in French) is a hair highlighting technique used to create a natural-looking sun-kissed gradation. It looks like ombré, but the main difference between these two is that the finished ombré look involves dark roots paired with lighter ends. The transition between colors in balayage is less noticeable, more gradual, hence more natural-looking.

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So why try balayage? If you’re a low-maintenance girl looking for equally low-maintenance hair, this is the dye job for you. Since the whole point of balayage is to look natural, hair is colored in scattered sections throughout your head. That means no monthly root touch-ups and less noticeable regrowth.

But low-maintenance doesn’t mean "no maintenance." The process still involves exposing your hair to chemicals, so some aftercare is required. Here, tips on how to prolong your gorgeous balayage highlights.

1. Use sulfate-free hair products.

Sulfates help create a good bubbly lather, but they’re a no-no for colored locks. The more your shampoo bubbles, the more it strips away and fades your hair color.

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2. Avoid hot showers.

While a hot shower is soothing, it often strips your hair of natural oils. Moreover, the warm temperature can open up the hair cuticle, letting the water wash your color off. Ease up on the heat if you can’t shower in cold water. Aside from allowing your hair to retain its moisture, cool water also helps the cuticle lie flat. The flatter the cuticle, the less frizz you have to deal with, and the smoother your hair looks.

3. Protect your head when outdoors.

The sun can fade your hair’s color. Free radicals in the air can snatch electrons from pigment molecules. Before you head out, protect your hair with a UV spray and wear a hat or cap.

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4. Be gentle with your hair.

Color-treated hair is prone to breakage, so be gentle with your hair. Comb out knots slowly and gently to avoid breaking the strands. The same goes for towel drying: Instead of shaking your hair with a towel, simply blot the water away and air-dry your locks.

5. Use conditioner for colored hair.

Hair that’s been exposed to chemicals tends to be dry and brittle. But conditioner can help fix that. As the last step of your hair cleansing routine, use a product that moisturizes as well as nourishes hair. The Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive has a sulfate-free triple keratin complex which aims to bring out your hair color's ultimate vibrance. It then promotes smooth and shiny stands.

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