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10 Genius TikTok Makeup Hacks You Never Knew You Needed

Plus tips on how to make them work BETTER.
10 Genius TikTok Makeup Hacks You Never Knew You Needed
IMAGE TIKTOK/themichellephan, fourninelooks
Plus tips on how to make them work BETTER.

Spending too much time on TikTok? Don't worry, we are, too. Amidst the bottomless pit of side-splitting duets and dances though, we still find a ton of makeup hacks that has us questioning our entire approach. Scroll through for some of our favorite viral tricks, plus our own tips for making them work so much better:

1. This elaborate flawless foundation hack

This video has gone so viral that even popular YouTubers have given it a shot. It promises a multi-step routine that can make your foundation long-lasting and crease-free all day long.

How to make it work better: This video endorses using a ton of product before makeup, which could have your skin looking really cakey. If you have dry skin, avoid this technique at all costs! If you're oily though, this could work for you, but we suggest sticking to this sequence: Moisturizer > Primer > Translucent Powder > Foundation. The powder will create a barrier between your skin and the makeup and help control oil, but it won't cake up your face because all your skincare is underneath that layer.


2. This DIY brow tint recipe

Brown tinting is a popular method for darkening sparse brows and making them look thicker. But in case you can't afford to get yours professionally done, this tutorial says that you can mix brown food coloring with moisturizer to make your own DIY brow tint.

How to make it work better: There's nothing wrong with trying this at home, but you'll be better off tinting your brows with an actual brow tint product at home that could give you better results sans the sticky feel. For a quicker fix, brushing a darker eyebrow mascara over your brow hairs will work, too!

3. Using concealer/foundation for bigger lashes

This TikTok user is saying that blanking out your lashes with complexion products can serve as an alternative to a lash primer, and it seems to work fine if you look at the "after" shot!

How to make it work better: Using concealer as a lash primer would be too heavy for people who have naturally sparse lashes and inevitably make the hairs droop down instead of amping up your curl. This could cause your mascara to smudge, too, because many complexion products have nourishing ingredients that might mess up its formula. If this trick doesn't work for you for these reasons, stick to traditional eyelash primers instead!

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4. Applying lash glue like eyeliner

This tutorial demonstrates how using tinted eyelash glue like eyeliner makes it easier and quicker to apply false eyelashes than putting glue on the lash band.

How to make it work better: The lash glue you saw in the video is tinted, so if you'll use a similar one, remember that it will set as if you applied regular eyeliner. Be extra careful and apply the glue sparingly, or opt for a clear one instead to give yourself more room for mistakes.

5. Cutting a stained sponge to reuse it

People usually throw away disposable sponges once the edges are stained, but this TikTok user reveals that you can still reuse the sponge by simply cutting off the dirty bit. Genius!

How to make it work better: This hack is a huge win for saving bucks on tools, but note that it won't have makeup sponges work as good as new—especially those with precise machine-cut edges. But when the need arises, try your best to make the cut as flat as possible to prevent ridges that could cause streaks in your makeup.


6. Overlining your cupid's bow for fuller-looking lips

Overlining your entire lip is so 2013. For a quicker, and more effective technique, try overlining only your cupid's bow and using lip gloss to enhance the effect.

How to make it work better: We can hardly fault this hack, to be honest! But if we were to be slightly nitpicky, don't overline your cupid's bow too high. Overlining your lower lip a little will give the accentuated upper lip a more natural effect, too.

7. Switching eyebrow gel with hair gel

Struggling to keep your brow hairs up? This video says forget about traditional brow gels and set your arches with a self-setting hair gel instead.

How to make it work better: The problem with using hair gel on your brows is that it could harden your hairs too much and cause them to fall off. But if you're careful and only apply a small amount (use a spoolie for an even application), it shouldn't be so bad!


8. Not applying cream contour directly on the skin

Granted that drawing lines on your face with your contour stick is more IG-friendly, this TikTok user claims that putting the cream onto a brush first will help you achieve a more natural look.

How to make it work better: In case you're still getting a harsh contour from this technique, try to swipe your contour stick on the back of your hand instead of your brush. Like with the lipstick hack, this will provide you with even more control of the product and help layering become easier.

9. Fixing old lip glosses with hot water

When your lip gloss is starting to look clumpy, OG beauty vlogger Michelle Phan shared her genius trick for making it work good as new: She dips it in hot water! The water will loosen up the clumps of product in the tube and fix everything!

How to make it work better: If your lip gloss tube is made of plastic, think twice about trying this trick because the hot water could melt the tube. Otherwise, go try it!


10. Getting glowing skin with a custom face steamer blend

This video tells you that mixing rose water, witch hazel, tea tree oil, and water into a handheld face steamer will give you a makeup-free glow in seconds!

How to make it work better: The concept of using skincare instead of just water in your facial steamer is such a genius idea. However, witch hazel and tea tree oil can be quite drying for some skin types, so either don't put too much of those or skip them entirely. For a DIY blend that won't cost you, try diluting your favorite hydrating toner and a few drops of face oil in some purified water.

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