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This Viral Contour Technique Helps Make Round Faces Appear Smaller

You may have been contouring your face the wrong way all this time.
This Viral Contour Technique Helps Make Round Faces Appear Smaller
You may have been contouring your face the wrong way all this time.

It looks like we've been contouring the wrong way all our lives. And if you still remember the heydays of YouTube makeup tutorials and the perfect Instagram face, you would know that people took contouring seriously. Baking and sculpting were deemed the best ways to do it. But now, we're thinking otherwise. Thanks to TikTok, a new technique was born, and it's especially made for Asian faces.

LOOK: This Viral Contour Technique Helps Make Round Faces Appear Smaller

Contouring brings out the facial bone structure. This makeup technique adds shadows and depth to the face, creating dimension and definition. Most Asians have round faces, and the contouring we have known isn't exactly the best for our features.

Mirchelley from TikTok shared a video of a pro makeup artist teaching the proper way to contour Asian faces. Instead of sweeping the contouring powder under the cheekbones, the MUA suggested doing it vertically.


Mirchelly tried it for herself, and swept on the sides of her face, from her ear down to her chin. She was impressed! See the video for yourself here:

Here's another way to sculpt your face from TikToker, Sarah. She applied contouring powder to the area below her cheekbones down to her jawline. This is actually super cool, too! You can see how it created a slimming effect on the face.

Here's another one that uses a cream contour stick:

Are you willing to try out this technique? Check out these contouring products below:

ISSY Powder Contour Insert

The neutral undertones of these contour powders make for the perfect contouring shade to mimic the shadows of the face.

Issy Contour Powder Inserts

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TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Art Class by Rodin

This bestselling K-beauty contour palette delivers a subtle shadow on the skin. It's perfect for those who aren't used to contouring their faces since the light pigment won't look awkward on the skin.



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NUDESTIX Tinted Blur Sculpt

A creamy and easy-to-blend contouring stick that will help you define your face shape.

Nudestix Tinted Blur Sculpt Stix

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BENEFIT Hoola Matte Bronzer

A makeup artist staple, this matte bronzer will give warmth to your complexion, plus help sculpt the face.

Hoola Matte Bronzer

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