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Up In Knots

Sweeten up your look with some baby braids.
Up In Knots Sweeten up your look with some baby braids.

If your frilly, girly side is feeling a bit neglected this season, give yourself some much-needed sugar with a hairstyle that spells sweet with a capital S. Braids and knots are everywhere to be seen these days, and as shown in quirky-cute Jellybean's latest concept store launch, lose any and all hillbilly connotations with ingenious plays on texture and accessorizing.

With a tad bit of tweaking, the cutesy style gets fiercely fashionable and may be approximated by those of us born north of 1995. The look really comes in its own with bright, candy-colored hair extras, but if that's too bubblegum pop for you, quiet black headbands work great and are a killer day-to-night, casual-to-chic option.

To ace the look, just call to mind slumber parties of yore: grab locks of freshly-washed hair (non-conditioned, if you can get away with it), dry, and affix a happy, uncomplicated braid on one part and secure with a hair tie. For more personality, pin to the side of your head and gather the rest of the hair into a bun and zhuzh everything up with a neat little headband to lock in the sass.

The rest of the face, even when grown-up, should have a semblance of the feminine: matte pink lips, lush lashes, lilac polish and some flirty fragrance options stashed in your It bag remind you to act like the princess you really are.

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—Eunice Lucero, Beauty Editor

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