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These Viral "Undereye Brighteners" Might Just Make You Ditch Your Favorite Concealer

These Viral "Undereye Brighteners" Might Just Make You Ditch Your Favorite Concealer
You'll want this in your makeup bag, stat!

Let’s be real. To help us hide the fact that we’ve been getting no sleep, we often reach for a concealer. But sometimes, it just doesn’t give us the exact effect we’re looking for. Some concealers, especially with incorrect application, can even make our undereyes look cakey and crease. So what other option do we have left?

Well, TikTok may have found the perfect beauty product that will improve dark circles, smooth out wrinkles, and brighten up your eyes without looking cakey. The miracle product in question is called—guess what?—undereye brightener!

Ahead, we delve deeper into the difference between undereye brighteners and concealers. Keep reading!

What’s the difference between an undereye brightener and a concealer?

We know what you're thinking—but nope, an eye brightener is different from a concealer. First of all, they have a distinct (albeit confusingly similar) purpose. As their names suggest, one is meant to brighten and the other is meant to conceal. 

Although a concealer can brighten the under-eyes as well, a brightener doesn’t necessarily conceal. It only has light coverage, medium at best, which is enough coverage for it to serve its purpose. While concealers offer full coverage, brighteners aim to give you a more natural no-makeup makeup look. 

Lastly, they differ in terms of consistency. Undereye brighteners are thinner, lighter, and a bit runnier than concealers. That’s what keeps them from creasing and looking cakey. This makes it perfect for days when you don’t feel like wearing a full face of makeup but still want that natural fresh, glowy look.


SHOP: The Best Undereye Brighteners You Should Have In Your Makeup Bag

There are two undereye brighteners that are currently going viral on Tiktok: The Rare Beauty Positive Light Under Eye Brightener and the Fenty Beauty Bright Fix Undereye Brightener. And if TikTok videos are anything to go by, it seems like they might just be worth the hype!

The Rare Beauty undereye brightener features a lightweight, dewy formula in six different shades. It has a metal ball applicator that cools the undereye area as you apply the product, depuffing and massaging its contours. It's popular for its smooth, natural, and radiant finish that allows you to wear it alone without foundation nor powder. You can pop this on before a quick errand and you'll instantly look more awake.


Positive Light Under Eye Brightener, P1650, RARE BEAUTY,

Fenty Beauty's version has a thicker consistency compared to the Rare Beauty one, which makes it great for those looking for more coverage without the cakiness. Unlike Rare Beauty's undereye brightener, this one dries down matte and has a cloud skin effect rather than glass skin. Although it's pricier, a little goes a long way for this product and will supposedly take months before you finish the whole thing. 

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Bright Fix Undereye Brightener, P2010, FENTY BEAUTY,

So, which undereye brightener are you copping?

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