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Trx With Reema Chanco

Reema Chanco whips you into shape with the hottest new fitness exercise.
Trx With Reema Chanco Reema Chanco whips you into shape with the hottest new fitness exercise.

Offering the sessions in the comfort of her own home, class schedules are flexible and cater to all kinds of clientele. “I have the moms who come in at around 11am, which I like, then there are the models, who wake up a little bit later and come at 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Then there are the clients that come late from work at 7 or 8 in the evening. So it’s a good mix of students and it’s good company too since the people I teach are close to me or people that are close to the people close to me. I get to see my friends and make more friends!”

Reema's fashionable students have only good things to say about her classes so far. Fashion designer Rajo Laurel, has this to say about his experience, "I love the stretch I get at the end of the class. TRX challenges me into making my body do things that I thought I can't do but actually can. I feel my core getting stronger and that my posture has improved because of TRX! Also I feel firmer in my tummy! This is indeed a blessing." Stylist, mom and TRX fan Jenni Epperson says, "I like the method of leveraged body weight exercise—for leaner and stronger muscles. Compared to going to the gym and using machines, the TRX straps are effective, functional and easy to store. Training with Reema is fun! She reminds me that form over reps is more effective. It's one exercise that I know I will pursue! I highly recommend this workout!" Model and TV personality Phoemela Barranda who's known for her amazing physique is counted as another of Reema's students. She shares, "TRX is a total body workout and only uses body weight which is why I like it. It builds power, stregth, flexibility and balance. Good for toning!"

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And if those testimonials don't convince you, her reasonable rate of P500 per hour, is definitely a deal not easty to resist. TRX with Reema Chanco is definitely one fitness program that can give you a killer bod for you buck.

Total Resistance Training, P500 per hour. Contact Reema Chanco at or via her Twitter account.

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