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Trim The Fat

Lipotomy: destroying fat deposits with a special saline solution.
Trim The Fat Lipotomy: destroying fat deposits with a special saline solution.

None of us are strangers to potions and pills that promise to melt fat away. However, not everyone has the patience to deal with oily discharge (gasp) and for others, the thought of injecting “fat burning medicines” or hoovering out fat cells stirs a mild panic.

Well, there's a new player in the fight against flab and the premise seems far less frightening. It's called Lipotomy, which literally means, “break of fat,” and it's now being offered at The Skin & Laser Clinic. Meant for those superfluous fatty deposits in the arms, belly, and thighs that refuse to go away, it's a form of body sculpting that aims to whittle your figure to Kate Moss proportions (ratio-wise), or something closer to it at least.

The Process

It's a three-part process that involves nearly zero down time.

First, the attending doctor weakens the fat cells by injecting SlimTonic—a physiological salt solution (Note: not a drug or chemical, it's mainly water). Using the nifty technique of osmosis, a hypotonic state is created causing the fat cells to engorge, making them softer and easier to break.

Those with needle phobia need not panic. The injections are tiny, about as long as your thumb, and the needles proportionally small. They do, however, inject a bit of the SlimTonic solution every few centimeters across the area, so there will be several pinpricks in that session. It's nothing that an hour of prep with topical anesthesia won't abet.

An ultrasound and special massage treatment follows to help break the bloated fat cells. This massage process needs to be repeated a few more days after the treatment to continue to assist in destroying the weakened cells. The fat is then eliminated via natural blood circulation.

There is a specific technique to kneading the body, so it's advisable to really do this at the clinic with their trained therapists rather than just conveniently dialing for a home massage.

Third, a special garment (read: corset or brace) has to be worn to manage the oedemas. This is basically to help the body reabsorb the excess liquid surrounding the cells and reduce the bloating that will inevitably occur after injecting the salt solution in the area. As the body slims down, the garment's size will need to be changed, which serves a great indication of progress. A client who was at The Skin & Laser Clinic during the presentation showed how she was already at the last notch in her corset after just two days.

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