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Tricia Gosingtian Has a Genius Trick for When You've Applied Too Much Blush

Try it for yourself!
Tricia Gosingtian Has a Genius Trick for When You've Applied Too Much Blush
Try it for yourself!

Everyone who follows Tricia Gosingtian on Instagram knows that the blogger-slash-photographer loves blush. Her feed has all the selfies to prove it—from simple washes of color to full-on three layers of cheek tint (more deets about that here!).

That said, having a rosy cheek game this strong oftens comes with a few hiccups—like accidentally applying too much blush than originally intended. Luckily, Tricia has already found a quick fix for that, too!


Sharing her no-foundation makeup routine on IGTV, Tricia reveals that she prefers to apply blush first and then concealer after (for most people, it's usually the other way around). She explains this further in the video's comments, saying that the pigment from the concealer diffuses all the excess tint under her eyes. This also helps when she applies too much product; the concealer, with its skin-like hue, tends to soften the rosy blush on her cheeks.

Makes sense, right? Check out the products she used on her beauty tutorial video below!

PHOTO BY Sephora
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