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A Tribute to the Late Archie Tolentino, a Talented Makeup Artist

The industry mourns the loss of a genuine artist.
A Tribute to the Late Archie Tolentino, a Talented Makeup Artist
IMAGE FACEBOOK/archibald.tolentino
The industry mourns the loss of a genuine artist.

Last weekend, the local beauty industry lost a beloved talent. Makeup artist Archibald Tolentino passed away due to a liver condition. In honor of his memory, Preview chronicled his 16-year-long career and the achievements that have made him a true talent to look up to.

Archibald, or Archie as he's known by his colleagues, began his beauty career as a member of Bench Fix Salon's pioneer batch. He stayed with the salon for a couple of years where he learned to do both hair and makeup, but he later on focused on hair. For a while, he frequently assisted the makeup team of Shu Uemura Philippines with hairstyling in shoots.

One of his earliest works with Preview was for its 10th anniversary issue in 2005. Then a hairstylist, Archie was part of Chesca Garcia-Kramer's glam team for her cover story.


IMAGE Xander Angeles for Preview

Archie Tolentino for Chesca Garcia-Kramer's Preview June 2005 cover story

In 2007, Archie pursued makeup full-time as a Color Artist for Maybelline Philippines. He became the brand's chief makeup artist in 2010, and was its lead artist for almost five years. He was tasked to train other Color Artists and represent the brand, as well. It was also within this time that he further expanded his own portfolio.

Another milestone in his career happened in 2013, when one of his beauty editorials with Cosmopolitan Philippines won Best Beauty Shoot in Hearst Magazines International's Design & Photography Awards. The local magazine's entry bested Cosmopolitan's multiple international counterparts.

Without a doubt, Archie was considered as one of the local industry's most trusted makeup artists. Brands and publications were always eager to work with him, given his commendable work ethic coupled with remarkable skills and genuinely kind disposition.


IMAGE Dookie Ducay for Preview

Archie Tolentino for Preview's Food and Fashion Issue, June 2017

Most recently, the makeup artist joined the NARS Philippines team as a makeup stylist. In 2016, he was hailed lead makeup artist.

Below, the late makeup artist's beloved friends in the industry share heartfelt messages in his memory:

"Archie was always pleasant to work with. I don’t know anybody who has anything bad to say about him. That’s why I think his passing hits us hard because he was such a kind person. Archie’s body of work is clean, fashion-forward and is never over the top. Approval of peers among the industry is really taken seriously...[We who started at the same time in the industry] are really feeling a sense of an-era-coming-to-an-end with his passing. When someone like Archie goes, it’s like a part of you goes also because you were together from the start." - Xeng Zulueta, makeup artist


"Archie, as an artist and a friend, never failed to remind me to step out of my comfort zone, be it in work or in life. He’d nag me about it, I’d get pissed off and disregard his advice. He’d be annoyed, too, but he didn’t stop being my friend. As an artist, he was more sure of what I was capable of as a makeup artist than I was of myself. He’d push me to do editorials alongside him and introduce me to all his editor friends to help me jumpstart my career. He did these when all I was just a year-old in the industry. I was so scared but he walked me through it." - Chuchie Ledesma, senior makeup artist for Maybelline Philippines

"[Archie] He's a super simple guy—no frills, and I’ve always felt comfortable with him. When we got reacquainted while he was doing my makeup [for a wedding], we both felt so comfortable and the time just flew by. I asked him to do my makeup for the Preview ball and loved how he made me look good without piling too much on. He wouldn’t cover up my sunspots or put too much, which I thought was refreshing...He always made me feel pretty, and we would collaborate on the makeup pegs I’d have for the ball (or for any major event). Overall, Archie is a guy whom I felt was real, down to earth and totally easy to talk to. We always had fun when I’d book him, and the trust just came naturally." - Jacqui Salonga, Managing Editor of Preview Magazine


"I met Archie way back 2010 in a reality show as a mentor. I was just starting back then, and I would get very nervous and intimidated by artists who were more experienced and have had years ahead in the industry. But when I worked with Archie, I never felt that way with him. I always felt comfortable and at ease with him. He['s someone who will] guide you, give you advice and sympathize with you. He just connects to everyone instantly. He was also one of the people in the industry who really believed in me. He always thought about or spoke nicely of me, and I feel so thankful yet guilty because I don't feel that I gave him the same amount of support in return. He was that generous! [He always] sought nothing in return. He's one of the few people I consider extremely genuine; a true friend who really valued friendship over competition...He is one that will be impossible to forget, one everyone will regret to have gone too soon." - Katchie Mejias, makeup artist


"Archie is one of the reasons why I became an affiliate artist of NARS. He was always willing to help and enhance our knowledge when it comes to our artistry. He always gave me advice, particularly about staying humble in this industry kasi malayo raw mararating ko with that attitude [since that kind of attitude will help me succeed]. Archie [was never selfish] when it came to his knowledge about makeup, and he is a truly great leader and artist." - Jason delos Reyes, makeup artist and NARS affiliate artist

Rest in peace, Archie.


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