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13 primers that will give your beauty routine a makeover.
Touch Base 13 primers that will give your beauty routine a makeover.

Check your makeup bag, you may be missing the one of the most important beauty products—a makeup primer. What's the deal with primers? Primers beef up the colors and staying power of your makeup. A face primer acts like cement that makes the foundation cling on longer to the skin (preventing it to fade by lunch time!). They also act like magic wands that vanishes your skin flaws. Enlarged pores, fine lines, redness, and sallowness can be masked. Face primers can also be used for touch-ups instead of powders: dab a pea sized amount on the T-zone to rid of the shine.

Eye primers or eyeshadow bases, on the other hand, prevent creasing. If you're doing a smoky eye, it would be very heartbreaking to see your hardwork get ruined. You'll also see the difference when you use an eye base: the colors become more solid and bold compared to a just swipe of eyeshadow alone.


Note that primers should be applied in small amounts. Otherwise, you'll just make your makeup clump up. You wouldn't want to see patches of foundation on your face, right? You can use a buffing brush, foundation sponge or your clean hands to apply it on skin. You can squeeze this in your makeup routine after sunscreen or moisturizer.

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