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Too Tired Or Sleepy To Wash Your Face? We Have The Answer!

Here's how Nivea made the beauty addicts #ComeClean.
Too Tired Or Sleepy To Wash Your Face? We Have The Answer! Here's how Nivea made the beauty addicts #ComeClean.

How does that saying go again? What comes on must come off? No? Well, make it stick, because that’s the mantra of the modern-day beauty girl (or any busy woman for that matter). We’ve all fallen trap to the duvet’s lures of comfort before washing makeup off, especially after a long day. But this–only because we don’t have plenty of it in the Philippine market–changes the skincare game. We’re talking about Nivea’s Cleansing Wipes, and while wipes are old news in this makeup world, it just does the job. Nivea introduced us to this ultra-handy cleansing hanky by inviting us to a legit sleepover–manicures, movies, dessert, massages, even bedtime yoga, and without a doubt, girl talk included–where we illingly revealed our true (i.e., makeup-free) selves to an intimate few.


The Nivea girls also held little trivia games led by Sam Oh, the host, that the guests easily answered–questions like “how much lipstick does a woman eat in her lifetime” or “how long should you keep a tube of mascara” and others that result in a) further repulsion against letting makeup settle into our skin and b) further appreciation for the gem, which is a makeup remover wipe. No water, no rinse, no cloudy eyes, no sad (sometimes drunken) separations from your pillows; trust me, I’ve removed the entire day’s dirt and color all in the sprawled comfort of my bed successfully. Oh and it comes in two variants, too–gentle and exfoliating. While, of course, you’ll need an extra-thorough lather (the morning) after you wipe your skin clean, makeup wipes that cater to your skin condition whether you’re sensitive-skinned or have more oil, just do the job, and do it fast.

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