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Tips From My Derma: How to Treat Zits Overnight

Rule #1: Do not pop it!
Tips From My Derma: How to Treat Zits Overnight Rule #1: Do not pop it!

Despite all the skincare products that occupy our office and bathroom cabinets, immunity to zits is something that doesn’t come with a job of a beauty girl. However, having a trusted dermatologist on call does make things a lot more manageable whenever our skin decides to go on strike. But for those instances when a zit appears on the eve of something major, one cannot simply just book an appointment. Here dermatologist and professor at De La Salle Health Sciences Institute College of Medicine Dr. Clarisse Garcia-Mendoza shares with us one quick remedy that can dry out a pimple overnight:

“For acne first aid treatment, you either use benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid cream as spot treatment.” 

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What this does is that it dries out the pimple fast as you leave it overnight. "You don’t pop the zit as it might leave a mark,” she adds also saying that you might need to take in an oral or topical antibiotic should it be infected.

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