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This Tinted Brow Soap Helped My Arches Achieve a Bushy, Brushed-Up Look

It really works!
This Tinted Brow Soap Helped My Arches Achieve a Bushy, Brushed-Up Look
IMAGE Nicole Arcano
It really works!

What: SZN Cosmetics Fulbrows Tinted Brow Soap

What It Is:

Fulbrows is a line of brow soaps from SZN Cosmetics that claims to set eyebrows like a clear mascara. The tinted version is made of glycerin, colorants, and organic ingredients like coconut oil, palm oil, and castor oil. It's housed in a small tin case, which holds 20 grams of product, and the package comes with two disposable spoolie brushes.


SZN COSMETICS Fulbrows Tinted Brow Soap, P160, SZN Cosmetics

Current Condition:

My brow hairs are quite fine, so whenever I fill in my eyebrows, I prefer to fluff them up with a longwearing brow gel. Doing this gives them some extra texture and makes them appear fuller, especially since I'm after a brushed-up look. This works well for me, but I've always wondered if the internet-famous "soap brows" technique could achieve a similar effect. That's why I got in touch with SZN Cosmetics, a local brand that carries not just regular clear brow soap but a tinted version for all of us sparse-arched girls who need the extra help.

How I Used It:

Instead of filling in my eyebrows with pencil and brushing through it with soap, I opted to use it on my bare brows. To apply it, I sprayed some setting mist onto the pan and rolled the spoolie brush over the soap while it was wet. The rest was simple—I just combed my brows upwards with the soap-filled brush to tint and fluff them up.

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What you need to use the brow soap: a spoolie and setting spray.
PHOTO BY Nicole Arcano

The job was done before I even realized it. I suddenly had brushed-up model brows and it didn't take me two minutes to do it! The cool thing was, I got the look and my brows still felt like brows. My hairs didn't feel crunchy, which usually happens when I use brow gels that set like hairspray. In fact, I could easily brush through my soaped up arches again if I wanted to and they wouldn't flake or reject movement altogether. The soap seemed to coat my hairs a bit to add extra volume as well. I didn't feel the need to fill in any bald spots with pencil either, because the extra texture made them look less obvious.


Here's what my brows look like with just the tinted brow soap:

The Fulbrows Tinted Brow Soap on bare eyebrows.
PHOTO BY Nicole Arcano


This product officially has me throwing my soap brow skepticism out of the window. It actually works, and everyone who loves that brushed-up look as much as I do should give it a go. In my case, it shortened my usual five to 10-minute brow routine to less than two minutes. I didn't have to be careful about my strokes either, so I can easily do my brows in a moving car and still look okay. The only downside is that it doesn't last as long as a regular eyebrow gel—you'll have to brush through your brows again after a few hours to freshen them up. But if your skin isn't that oily or you always have a spoolie in your bag, it should be fine! In short, if love your-brows-but-better look, this is the way to go.

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