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This Hairstyle Pro Gives us the Hair Trends to Try Now

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This Hairstyle Pro Gives us the Hair Trends to Try Now

One of the rules a Preview girl lives by is: when in doubt, ask a pro. We went straight to one of the industry’s pioneers, Henri Calayag, to get us out of our hairstyling rut but we learned more than just styling. From which trends to try and how do amateurs like us recreate salon-styled hair at home, the most important hair lesson is how to give your hair some love, from the stylist’s chair to your dresser mirror.



Wash-and-wear hair doesn’t have to mean lazy ‘dos. Henri says there are three trends to try: straight, long City Sleek hair if you’re into a more classic look, Bold Twists for a cute yet sexy style, and Modern Edge slicked back bob if you want to look more polished. He says, “these [trends] are versatile; you can wear them from a workday to a night out.” For city sleek look, the haircut dictates the styling (barely any!), and it’s easy to maintain as the shape rarely changes as it grows. Braids and twists are a go-to whatever length you sport, and modern edge combed-back hair is a fast change in look whatever cut you have.



Now, it’s pretty easy to achieve these ‘dos especially with a wealth of tutorials online, but what nobody tells you is how to take care of it after all the good is gone. While Henri says, “I believe in scalp massages and hair treatments, have your hair conditioned assessed by your stylist quarterly. Age, activities, and weather conditions can alter your hair condition,” he also says “salon care and home care are both important.”


It’s so simple – “brush your scalp and hair with a hairbrush that is gentle-bristled,” Henri shares. He also tells us, “You can never go wrong in nourishing your mane,” adding, “I personally love the TRESemme Keratin Smooth Range from the Shampoo to Conditioner and Hair Masque. ”Wash your hair with the first two and soak it in this hair mask for a couple of minutes, watch an episode of your favorite show, then shampoo it out again. If you iron or blow dry often, Henri recommends – “I also like the TRESemme Flat Iron Smoothing Spray and Keratin Smooth Heat Activated Treatment for those who are always styling their hair. You have to keep them healthy even if your sporting different hair styles all the time.” Style your hair like a pro, take care of it like a pro. We agree with Henri when he says, “we all deserve to have healthy hair.”


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