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This Fashion Blogger and Her Gay Best Friend are Pure Friendship Goals

Gay best friends don’t let their girl besties leave the house with bare brows.

There are only a few friendships a fashion girl needs to get by in life and one would be a gay best friend to share life’s joys and pains with. And if Will and Grace and Carrie Bradshaw and Stanford Blatch are not good enough fictional examples, best friends Laureen Uy and Sean Go are real-life fabulous proof. 

Sharing a common passion for food, fashion, and travel, Laureen and her GBF Sean get together for a new kind of bonding session. See Laureen guide Sean through steps of brow maintenance in a game of follow the leader, using Revlon’s brow pencil to outline, spoolie to shape, and brow crayon for that finishing touch.  With his never-say-never attitude and adorable demeanor, Sean rises up to the occasion in the cutest way possible, joining Laureen in declaring—with his newly shaped brows, at least—that kilay is indeed life. 

Watch the video and see how having your own GBF means twice the fun and twice the pride.

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