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This Facial and Laser Combo Gave Me Brighter Skin

Get glowing!
This Facial and Laser Combo Gave Me Brighter Skin
IMAGE Dookie Ducay
Get glowing!

What: Intensive Soft Mask Treatment, P2200; Ivory White Laser (Whole Face), P4000; both Clara International Skin and Body Centre

The Intensive Soft Mask Treatment is a relaxing facial that leaves you glowing with the help of a combination of two leave-on masks. The Ivory White Laser, on the other hand, is a laser that breaks up pigment on your skin to reveal a more even-toned complexion. 

Current Condition: In dire need of a facial, my face was plagued with PMS-related breakouts (not to mention old pimple scars) on my chin.

Procedure: My face was analyzed with a Skin Scanner to find out which areas on my face needed special attention. Using the machine, the nurse said I had a concentration of blackheads on my oily T-zone, pigmentation on my cheeks from too many days in the sun, and fine lines around my eyes. The nurse then perscribed a facial to remove my blackheads, followed up with laser whitening to help remove old pimple marks and the dark circles under my eyes.



The Skin Scanner was able to point out a large grouping of blackheads and whiteheads on my nose and chin, as well as fine lines near my eyes.

Intensive Soft Mask Treatment

The facial started like any other. The nurse assigned to me first cleansed my face to remove impurities, then proceeded to use a gentle vacuum to help bring deep-seated dirt to the surface for easier extraction. 

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After vacuuming my face, she then started with the extractions. My face was a little bruised and swollen after this step, so to help my face heal faster, I was left to cure under a UV light. The nurse explained to me that the machine emitted three types of light: blue to destroy bacteria, red to reduce any inflammation I had post-pricking, and infrared light to help heal any wounds on my face.

I spent 20 minutes under the light with my eyes completely covered, after which the nurse proceeded to the mask part of the treatment. The first mask was a chamomile mask to help soothe my skin and to help increase the blood circulation and oxygen flow. The second mask was a seaweed mask to help address my mild acne and dryness. 

Ivory White Laser

When my nurse was done with my facial, I was ushered into a different room for my laser treatment. I was given goggles to help protect my eyes and proceeded with the treatment. 


My nurse told me she would pass over my entire face two times with the laser. The first pass was virtually painless. All I felt was a barely-there pinch when the laser hit the dark hair on my upper lip. Then came the second pass, which felt more like how a rubber band snaps back and flicks onto your skin. There was slight discomfort as the laser hit the dark hair on my face, but the procedure was so fast, I barely had time to react to the pain.

Conclusion: Overall, the experience was a relaxing treatment best reserved for an afternoon of pampering. After my session, I emerged from the clinic with glowing skin. Although I did leave with a few marks from the extractions, my skin felt really smooth and hydrated and got even better and brighter after a few days.

Clara International Skin & Body Centre is located at 1328 Quezon Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila. You can make an appointment by contacting them at (02) 374 6154.

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