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This Diet Delivery Service Will Program Your Body to Burn Fat

Meet the ketogenic diet.
This Diet Delivery Service Will Program Your Body to Burn Fat
Meet the ketogenic diet.

We already know how convenient food delivery services and diet meal plans are. But, there's one food delivery service that's been catching our attention recently, particularly because of how unique its approach to weight loss is–the ketogenic diet.

What makes is so interesting? Well, unlike the usual high-protein and low-carb diet meal plans you normally see on Instagram, the ketogenic diet focuses on consuming the highest amount of the third macronutrient–fat. Crazy, right? So to find out how this trendy diet plan really works in helping you burn fat while eating a ton of it, we interviewed Ketogenic Diet PH's owner, Michael Patrick Sanqui, about the philosophy of his diet meal plans. Below, we broke everything down into five key questions.

1. What do you eat on this diet?

This diet focuses on programming your body to burn fat by sticking to high-fat, adequate protein, and low-carb meal plans. So that means eating a whole lot of meat and veggies, but no rice, starches, and fruits. It's very similar to the Hollywood-famous Atkins diet that promotes eating tons of protein and fat and avoiding carbs. That means no ice cream and bread for you, too!


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2. How does it affect your body's fat burning process?

According to Michael, consuming a lot of fatty food and no carbs will put your body in a state of ketosis, which will cause it to start burning fat for energy instead of relying on carbohydrates. Think of it as your body adjusting to the food you're eating because it doesn't have a choice, which sounds a little extreme, but that's essentially how it works!


3. What type of people would it be best for?

Apparently, the diet can work with or without exercise, but the meal plan you should get will depend on your activity levels. For highly active people or those who work out regularly, they have the extreme keto plan which contains 2000 to 3000 calories. For those who aren't so active and burn less calories throughout the day, they have the light keto, which has 1500 to 1700 calories.


4. Who is on this diet?

Celebrity makeup artist Jigs Mayuga, model Jodilly Pendre, and our very own creative director Vince Uy are all fans of the ketogenic diet. It's particularly popular with people who work out, but the owner Michael does claim that they have clients living varied lifestyles. Some are doctors, lawyers, young professionals, housewives, and married couples.



5. What results can you expect from the diet?

Based on the feedback Michael usually receives from his clients, it is possible to lose two to five pounds in five days. According to him, he has clients who are surprised at how fast it works and how tasty it is despite being low-carb.

Will you try this diet for yourself?

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