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This Cooling Body Scrub Will Give You the Best Post-Workout Shower

The perfect pair to your new year, new body resolutions.
This Cooling Body Scrub Will Give You the Best Post-Workout Shower
IMAGE Human Nature
The perfect pair to your new year, new body resolutions.

What: Human Nature Volcanic Cooling Body Scrub, P495

What it is:

It’s said to “give the skin an extraordinary glow,” deeply purifying and reviving lackluster skin, while lifting away impurities. The product has volcanic sand and activated bamboo charcoal (trendy ingredient alert!), aside from eucalyptus and peppermint oils. 

IMAGE Human Nature


HUMAN NATURE Volcanic Cooling Body Scrub, P495,

Current Condition:

I generally welcome body scrubs with open arms, because unlike facial skin, the rest of the body is a lot more accepting and reacts less violently to new things. So when I received this bottle, I was totally downwe all need a little exfoliation now and then. Plus, the extra minty spa-like scent was enough to make me want to pack my work things and head home to try it right away. Now, I also want to note in the “before” situation that I have perennially tight shoulders and back….but more on that later. 

How I Used It:

I used it like any other exfoliator, scrubbing it over the skin and because it had a minty scent, I left it on while I washed my hair.


The first thing I noticed about this is again, the fragrance! SO GOOD. The second thing, when I squeezed it out, is its viscosity, or lack thereof. Maybe it’s the natural ingredients, but it’s a bit runnywhich experience-wise is okay, maybe even a bit better because it’s easier to spread around. The design of the bottle was appreciated as well for the product type, as it’s a tube that lets you control how much you dispense.

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The highlight, however, of my body scrub experience with this Human Nature product, is how COLD it becomes! They were not playing, guys, when they said it was cooling. I did note that I had a couple of body aches because this extra-minty feature helped ease the pain. The cold feeling even lasts after rinsing, after towel drying and a little even beyond shower time.

If you work out often, you need to stash this in your gym bag, especially after a particularly intense sesh. Including this in my post-sweat shower actually prevented any further DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Aside from that, leaving the scrub on for my nighttime bath helped me sleep better—the extreme mintiness wasn't just a relaxing scent, it helped me breathe better, too. And if you have no issues except for a need for exfoliation, it works very well, and without environmentally harmful microbeads, too. Plus, your bathroom door will open with a spa-scented cloud that’ll last a couple hours. 


Pro tip: If you find yourself shivering (it happens, believe us), rinse with warm water. The hot and cold contrast is the most euphoric feeling on the skin.

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