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This Celebrity Hairstylist Shares Her Go-To Runway Styling Secrets

Learn how you can make your hair look runway-ready from Suyen Salazar.
This Celebrity Hairstylist Shares Her Go-To Runway Styling Secrets

Though she’s only in her 20s, Suyen Salazar has already made a name for herself as the resident hairstylist to famous personalities like Isabelle Daza, Georgina Wilson, and Iza Calzado. She was also one of the featured hairstylists at the TRESemmé Runway Ready Fashion Show last October 23, when she got to show off her talent in collaboration with the haircare brand and with fashion designer Carl Jan Cruz. After the show, we got her to share her top styling tips with us. 

What is your process for coming up with hairstyles for your clients?

I ask them about what will and won’t work for their hair. I try to play around with their hair to make sure it accentuates their best features. I also try not to follow hair trends since all hair is different.

For the runway show, none of the hairstyles looked the same because of the varying hair lengths and textures I had to work with. I’m not big on hair extensions, and I really wanted to work with the person’s natural hair texture.

Speaking of the runway show, what was your inspiration for creating the different looks?

The inspiration actually came from working with Carl Jan Cruz. Carl has amazing modern deconstructed pieces. His textiles were rugged but still structured, and I wanted the hairstyles that I created to reflect this as well. I styled the hair to give it shape, but I also made sure it didn’t look too done.

What are some must-haves that are always in your styling kit?

Since I do dry haircuts, I don’t use shampoo on my client’s hairbut I do give them a wide range of recommendations on which shampoos and conditioners to use. My favorite one is the TRESemmé Detox & Nourish range. It comes in shampoo and conditioner that you can use twice a week to clean your hair. It’s my personal favorite, and I find that it helps add texture to my tresses.

How can women make their hair easier to style?

I like to use the TRESemmé Dry Shampoo to prep my client’s hair. It can give you amazing texture, lift, and lots of volume, and it also helps soak up excess oil.

How do you make sure that your client’s hairstyle lasts throughout the day?

Prepping with dry shampoo already helps create texture and a base for holding hair in place. After I curl, set, or straighten my client’s hair, I top it off with TRESemmé #5 Hairspray.

A lot of people complain that hairspray can get sticky, but this is most likely because they aren’t spraying correctly, or they’re spraying way too much. If you’re going to use hairspray, spray from a distance to evenly distribute the product across your hair.

Do you have any recommended hair treatments that could be done either at a salon or at home?

I’m not a big fan of chemical treatments, but I do love a good hair mask. Check out TRESemmé’s Detox And Nourish Treatment Mask. You have to leave it on for only five minutes, but it really helps seal the cuticles.

What do you like about the new range of TRESemmé products?

What I love about it is that there’s something new for everyone. Girls with straight hair, frizzy hair, oily hair—it targets every single person.

Do you have any advice for women who want to be more conscious about how they style their hair?

Honestly, I don’t think you should be super conscious about it. I’m all about hairdos that are easy. A lot of the haircuts I give are in styles that my clients can wear every day. Don’t think too much, and try to work with your natural hair texture, but definitely use dry shampoo because that amps up the look and gives instant volume to dry hair.

Check out this video of Suyen SalazarLourd Ramos, and Victor Ortega showing how they did the hair at the TRESemmé Runway Ready Fashion Show:

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