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This Beauty Site Allows You to Try the Products Before Purchasing

You can choose which free products to try.
This Beauty Site Allows You to Try the Products Before Purchasing You can choose which free products to try.

Looking for that perfect beauty product is similar to dating, it takes trial and error to find your perfect match. Unlike in fashion where you can return or have your item exchanged if it doesn’t fit or you suddenly have a change of heart, with beauty, once you purchase and touch it, there’s no turning back. The difference though, when it comes to your Prince Charming and makeup, is that when it comes to finding that perfect shade of foundation or lippie, a whole lot of spending (and wasted products) is involved. But what if we tell you that we discovered an online store that allows you to try the products for free before purchasing? We kid you not, such a site exists!

Check out, the first beauty and lifestyle sampling website in the Philippines. Unlike other online sites, Sample Room allows you to choose products to try, for free! At the same time, it provides real and honest details about the product via customer reviews that you can also be a part of.


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Here’s how it works:

Each new member is given 100 points upon registration. These points are used as the currency for the site that you can use to get samples. The initial hundred points is enough to allow you as much as three sample products in your shopping cart to get the ball rolling. It’s just a cycle, really. Once you get a sample, you are encouraged to write a review about it, which in return will rebate the points you used to get the sample. Pretty simple, right? You get to really see what the product can do for you for free, you'll skip the hassle of buyer's remorse, and most of all, you also get to help others decide if a product is worth buying with your reviews. A total win-win, if you ask us. 


Currently, Sample Room as has over 45000 members, 390 featured products, and over 115 partner brands. Empowering consumers through an interactive online community with the power to try and the power of knowledge. Now this is a beauty game changer we have to welcome with open arms.  

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