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These Outfit and Makeup Hacks Make You Look Slimmer Instantly

The recipe? Technique, and a few choice products.
These Outfit and Makeup Hacks Make You Look Slimmer Instantly

Girls help other girls, we know, and while true love would have us reminding you to be friendly to your gym membership, there are days where we'll tell you in the same breath: Yes, baby girl, it's okay to eat that red velvet cupcake.

So, on the days where indulgences take over and you feel a bit on the heavy side, we compiled three fashion and makeup hacks you can turn to to make you look immediately svelter. Shout out to our friends at Zalora and Maybelline—the former let us play dress up with their outfits and the latter, let us give their V-Face line a try. The Maybelline V-Face line was especially made for the purpose of contouring, easily slimming down the face by creating faux edges and shadows that create depth one's mien.

Keep both eyes open as you scroll down to our list of hacks:


The Event: Office Presentation

Fashion Hack: It's the secret every fashion girl has long possessed—everyone's just been blindly staring the whole time. Wear all black! The darkest of shades is second to none when it comes to hiding unsightly lumps, and it whittles down your dressing up time to a good five minutes, too.

Makeup Hack: We swore by Maybelline's V-Face Duo Stick (P499). Use the darker shade to create a mirror-image number 3 at both sides of your face, from the middle of your forehead to under your cheek to the middle of your chin. Blend the shade with a blending sponge or your fingers, and apply the lighter end to parts of your face you want to highlight, that is, your nose bridge and the highest parts of your cheeks. Top it off with the V-Face Duo Powder (P499) to get the full effect of a thinner face.

Out To Get Social 

The Event: Dinner and drinks

Fashion Hack: There are days when we feel like a walking blob (it's a thing), and there's no better way to elongate our bodies and boost our posture and confidence than by donning a long, structured piece. This blazer, for example, balances out the casual black romper underneath, making it a sexy yet spiffy choice for a fancy Friday night.

Makeup Hack: Creating definition on the apples of your cheeks is a slimming trick we swear by. Defined cheekbones can be had in one palette with Maybelline's V-Face Blush Contour (P399): contour the face by using the brown shade under the cheeks and jawline, lightly sweep the cheeks with the deeper peach shade, and highlight the topmost part of the cheek with the lightest pink hue. The result? Cheekbones to die, but no need to diet, for.

Hot Night Out

The Event: Gone clubbing

Fashion Hack: Big prints in solid colors are an instant winner for tight eveningwear, especially when your goal is to look thinner. Enlarged prints give the impression of a narrow space, as opposed to minute prints that look like they're against a vast body frame. Perfect for nights when you want to get glam and look hot AF. 

Makeup Hack: Use the V-Face Duo Stick (P499) to frame your face, starting with the darker shade to create a contour. Remember, for a night out, you might want to contour only slightly heavier than you would in the A.M. for a more glammed-up look. Brush your cheeks with the rosy pigments in the V-Face Blush Contour (P399), then proceed to highlight with the light shade of the duo stick for a look that's ready for the party lights.

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