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These Must-Try Hair Products Will Add a Luxurious Feel To Your Haircare Routine

Give your crowning glory some TLC with this nourishing haircare line.
These Must-Try Hair Products Will Add a Luxurious Feel To Your Haircare Routine

When we think of self-care, we often immediately associate it with skincare—but the truth is that our hair deserves just as much TLC. Treating your crowning glory to a haircare routine is pretty much the same as having a skincare regimen: once you've found the products that work for you, you’d always stick with them.

So whether you've neglected your tresses over the years, or if you have damaged strands that need rejuvenation, it's time to find the right products for your locks.

Enter KISS New York's Argan & Macadamia collection, a cruelty-free haircare line made with organic ingredients from Morocco and Kenya. Read on to discover the right products to properly care for your hair—and who knows, you might discover your new holy grails!

KISS Colors & Care: Argan & Macadamia Shampoo

If you've ever gone overboard with hair dye, the Argan & Macadamia Revitalizing Shampoo will restore your tresses to their former glory. This shampoo helps repair dry and damaged hair, while also aiding in improving elasticity and preventing further damage like split ends. If you're a heavy hair product user, this shampoo can also help deeply cleanse your scalp of product build-up and contribute to maintaining hydration and moisture in your hair's cuticles with regular use.

KISS Colors & Care: Argan & Macadamia Co-Wash

The Argan & Macadamia Ultra-Hydrating Co-Wash is a gentle cleansing conditioner that's great for those with an itchy or sensitive scalp. It helps remove product residue without stripping your mane of its natural moisture, keeping your tresses healthy and nourished. Its multi-tasking formula helps detangle strands, define curls, and keeps your hair and scalp clean before your next wash.

KISS Colors & Care: Argan & Macadamia Hair Oil

Suffering from a bad hair day because of dryness or chemical damage? Give your locks a refresh with the Argan & Macadamia Hair Oil—a lightweight yet nourishing and ultra-hydrating serum that helps repair, strengthen, and even promote hair growth so you can confidently flaunt luscious locks. This formula doesn't just aid in improving resistance to breakage; it even helps sustain volume, leaving your hair full of life.

KISS Colors & Care: Argan & Macadamia Deep Conditioning Masque

Kick back, relax, and treat yourself with the Argan & Macadamia Deep Conditioning Masque—a creamy, deep conditioning hair mask that will elevate your haircare routine and make bath time even more pleasurable. Its potent combo of organic Argan and Macadamia ingredients deeply penetrates into each strand, which helps give your locks an intense moisture boost. Using this regularly can help improve hair strength, revitalize stressed hair, and restore its natural balance to combat breakage. Say hello to healthy, shiny, and strong hair in no time!

Add some luxury to your haircare routine with KISS New York's Argan & Macadamia collection. You can the products at Watsons stores nationwide and online through Shopee, Lazada, and Amorfia.

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