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These Makeup Tricks Will Step Up Your Eye Game

Our second episode of Beauty Snaps proves that eye makeup’s not so hard after all.
These Makeup Tricks Will Step Up Your Eye Game

We’re back with another episode of Beauty Snaps, and this time, we’re taking a shot on what seems to be every makeup addict’s Achilles heel: eye makeup. Eye makeup is such a difficult thing to master, because the extremely narrow and irregular space that take up our lids/brows/lashes force us to be masters of precision.

In this video, we’re going a bit ambitious: our beautiful host Mari Jasmine will teach you how to do a cat eye with an artsy twist, a heavy eye look with a crazy color, and various eye makeup tricks you’ve probably never heard of.

Watch the video and follow the looks step by step below.

What you’ll need:
A brow pencil
Brow gel or lip balm

1. Fill in your brows by drawing in thin fake hair using a sharpened brow pencil.
2. Define your brows by making sure the top and bottom edges follow its natural shape.
3. Redefine your brow hair and make it look more natural by sealing it with brow gel.
4. If a brow gel is not available, then rub a small amount of lip balm against your index finger and gently dab the product onto your freshly-drawn brows.

What you’ll need:
Liquid eyeliner pen
Various shades of eyeliner pencils (the more vibrant, the better!)

1. Create a cat eye by lining the edges of your upper lid with liquid eyeliner, extending the flick upwards at the outer end of your eyes. For this look, make sure that the flick extends longer than usual.
2. Create a wing by working the liquid eyeliner inwards from the cat eye flick at the edges. End at the inner corner of your eyes, closing at the edge where the bottom line started from.
3. Fill in the hollow cat-eye shape using your liquid eyeliner.
4. Take a pointy eyeliner pencil and create a singular S-spiral from the top innermost part of the cat eye towards the bottom.
5. Take another color and repeat the process going outwards, changing colors once the S form is complete, and until you reach the end of the cateye. Feel free to run the same color on top of the shape until you achieve the vibrancy you want.

What you’ll need:
A nude/neutral eyeshadow
Red eyeshadow
Dark brown eyeshadow

1. Take an eyeshadow brush and cover your entire lids with nude or neutral eyeshadow. This serves as a base.
2. Take your red eyeshadow and cover your lids with enough pigment. Make sure the red pops out.
3. Create depth by using a dark brown eyeshadow from the outer edge of the lids up to the crease line. Blend well with a clean brush.

What you’ll need:
Your favorite eyeshadow color
A liner brush

1. Spray water onto your liner brush to dampen it.
2. Run the damp liner brush onto your favorite eyeshadow color, making sure the brush loads enough pigment.
3. Run the brush across the edge of your lids like you would with an eyeliner.

What you’ll need:
Clear mascara primer
Colored eyeshadow or colored liquid eyeliner

1. Use a lash curler to lift your eyelashes.
2. Take your clear mascara primer, and run the wand against your colored eyeshadow or liquid eyeliner. Make sure you pack enough product in.
3. Dab the wand against your curled lashes, applying enough pigment until your lashes are covered with your desired color.

Hope you enjoyed this fun eye episode! All products used in the video are available at The SM Store Beauty Section. Tag @previewph and @smbeautyph with your own eye looks.

See you on the next episode of Beauty Snaps!

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