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These Beauty Products Should Never Ever Be Left Inside Your Car

It's a disaster waiting to happen.
These Beauty Products Should Never Ever Be Left Inside Your Car It's a disaster waiting to happen.

It’s no secret that girls practically live out of their cars. (Let’s be honest: how many pairs of shoes do you keep inside the trunk?) We have this predictable habit of turning our vehicles into a secondary closet, usually containing all the essentials for an emergency night out. Read: spare #OOTD, random accessories, and our ever-so-reliable makeup kit. But what if we told you that the latter is not exactly a good idea?

Well, sorry to burst your bubble. You see, we’re all for convenience, but if it could lead to something that could in any way be hazardous, then it’s high time for you to finally break the habit! Below are the beauty products you should never leave inside your car.

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Applying sunscreen is an everyday must, especially in a tropical country like ours. But if yours has been sitting in your trunk for over a year now, then it’s time to toss it out! Sunscreens normally contain avobenzone and oxybenzone, and these ultraviolet-absorbing chemicals easily deteriorate when exposed to high temperatures, therefore you might not be getting the same kind of protection from that bottle you left inside your car for months.

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Perfume bottles are ideally stored at room temperature, out of direct sunlight and nowhere near extreme heat or light. Otherwise, you risk losing its original scent due to oxidation. When you keep your perfume bottle inside your car, you expose it to humidity, air, and temperature changes, all of which will lead to a decline in quality.



Aerosol hairspray contains extremely flammable substances that, based on reports, are highly likely to explode when exposed to greater than 120-degree temperature (and you know how hot it can get inside the car, right?). While the truth to this has always been up for debate, it’s best to stay on the safe side—because we don’t know about you, but we certainly think taking a huge gamble that may put your life at risk is so not worth it. Hairspray, you’re staying in the bedroom drawer!



FYI, we’re not just talking about your eyeshadow palette, your different tubes of lipstick, your miracle concealer pot and your liquid foundation—we’re talking about everything inside your makeup kit that could very well end up as a gooey mess. Other than a possible meltdown, exposure to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight can damage the quality of your cosmetics. Worse, depending on the chemical content of each product, it could even be potentially harmful to your skin.

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