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5 Hairstyles from Your Childhood That Are Officially Cool Again

Here's how to wear them like a big girl.
5 Hairstyles from Your Childhood That Are Officially Cool Again
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Here's how to wear them like a big girl.

Get ready for the mane event: a major beauty throwback! Hair trinkets are clearly a huge deal this 2018, especially the ones that were almost perpetually plastered to your scalp back when you were a little girl. Scrunchies? Colorful barrettes? Yes, you know what we're talking about—below are five childhood looks that you ought to revive, plus tips on how to pull 'em off like the big brave girl that you are!

1. Ribbon + Braid

Give your good ol' braid a dainty update. Don't be afraid to go all-out saccharine—punctuate it with a pretty bow for extra sweetness.

2. Scrunchie Topper

Remember those Troll Doll-inspired ponytails your mom used to give you? Delight her by wearing one again! Instead of porcupine spikes, yank a section of your hair to the top of your head then twist the ends into a cute scrunchie.

3. Butterfly Clips

Few can rock ornamental clips like Jolina Magdangal, but here's our take: The key is updating the accessories themselves! Opt for tasteful, gilded glass versions of your seven-year-old self's glitter butterflies and you've got an evening look worthy of a forest nymph.



4. Space Buns

Princess Leia would be proud. Pigtails and Pucca buns are just as relevant as they were eons ago, so long as you do as Margaret Zhang does: Don a plunging neckline for a bit of aesthetic contrast, then throw on a pair of sparkly danglers. Additional wire-rimmed glasses are encouraged to score extra geek chic points!

5. Fabric Headbands

These stretchy things were what you'd hurriedly pull on when you were late for school, and they're still the instant fix you'll depend on today. Here's how the cool kids are doing it: Team a bright and/or floral fabric headband (tropical blooms are so du jour) with equally vibrant, printed threads!